Lieutenant General  Tihomir Kundid

Chief of Defence – Croatia

  • Last updated: 05 Mar. 2024 09:07

Lieutenant General Tihomir Kundid was born on 2 February 1969 in Varaždin, Croatia.

In December 1990, he voluntarily joined the Croatian Armed Forces to defend the Republic of Croatia, and in January 1991, became a member of the Special Police Force of the Ministry of the Interior. From May 1991 to 2007, he served in the 2nd Guards Brigade “Gromovi” (Thunders) at different level posts - from a platoon commander, infantry company commander, reconnaissance company commander, deputy battalion commander, infantry battalion commander, armoured battalion commander to the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander. From 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2016 he was appointed as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Guards Motorised Brigade. In July 2016 he was appointed Commander of the Mechanised Brigade and held the position until 15 March 2020. On 16 March 2020, he was appointed the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Croatian Army, and on 1 November 2023 became the Commander of the Croatian Army.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and completed his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics of the University of Zagreb.

At the Croatian Defence Academy, Lieutenant General Kundid completed Advanced Officer Course, “Blago Zadro” Command and Staff School, and “Ban Josip Jelačić” War College. He has also completed the Canadian Forces Language School, and other military courses.

He was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant of the Croatian Armed Forces in 1992, to the rank of Captain in 1992, Major in 1995, Lieutenant Colonel in 1999, Colonel in 2007, to the rank of Brigadier General in 2017, to the rank of Major General in 2020, and Lieutenant General in 2024.

During his career he was awarded by several decorations of the Republic of Croatia - Homeland War Commemorative Decoration, Homeland Gratitude Commemorative Decoration, Order of the Croatian Braid, Order of Croatian Trefoil, Order of Ban Josip Jelačić, Order of Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Medal for Participation in Operation Flash, Medal for Participation in Operation Storm, Medal for Extraordinary Ventures, Croatian Army Gold Medal, and Medal for Assistance to Civil Authority Institutions. He was commended by Commander of the Croatian Army Brigade, Chief of General Staff, Minister of Defence, and President of the Republic of Croatia and the Commander-in-Chief of the Croatian Armed Forces.