Vice Admiral Jonas Haggren

Military Representative – Sweden

  • Last updated: 07 Mar. 2024 13:45

Vice Admiral Haggren graduated from the Swedish Naval Academy in 1987 where he received his commission.

Vice Admiral Haggren has his main background as a submariner. He has served in a variety of assignments on Västergötland- and Gotland class submarines (1987-1995). Between 1996 and 1999 he served as Executive Officer of HMS Uppland. After this service, he was appointed Commanding Officer of HMS Uppland and HMS Gotland in 2000, a duty in which he stayed for a year.

Vice Admiral Haggren graduated from the Swedish National Defence College (2002) and was promoted to Commander. Between 2002-2007 he was stationed at Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters, where he initially was responsible for military strategic planning regarding Swedish military deployment in Liberia and DR Congo. This period also included a 4 month tour at the Ministry of Defence as an advisor. On completion of the former task, he worked with the European Capabilities Action Plan as part of the team developing SOP's for EU OHQ and FHQ.

In 2007 he was promoted to Captain (N) and assumed command of the 1st Submarine Flotilla in Karlskrona until 2010.

He was appointed Head of Naval Department Training and Procurement Staff in 2010 and promoted to Rear Admiral (LH).

After completion of his studies at Royal College of Defence Studies in late summer 2014, Haggren was appointed Force Commander 19th rotation between February and May 2015 in EU Naval Force Somalia.

The 28th of November 2014 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and assumed duty as Head of Policy and Plans Department of the Swedish Armed Forces until the 20th of October 2018 when he was promoted to Vice Admiral and appointed Chief of Defence Staff at Swedish Armed Forces HQ.

In March of 2023 he was appointed Military Representative to NATO and EU and he will assumed this duty 1st of July 2023.

Vice Admiral Haggren is married to Linda and they have three children. He enjoys running and playing golf in his spare time.