General  Micael Bydén

Chief of Defence – Sweden

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Date and place of Birth
13th of June 1964 in Gnarp

General Micael Bydén was appointed Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces by the Swedish Government in September 2015.

Micael Bydén has a background in the Swedish Air Force and is a trained fighter pilot with some 1 500 hours of flight experience. General Bydén gained his pilot training in the Air Force Flying Training School in Ljungbyhed and in the Air Force War Academy in Uppsala.

He graduated from the Swedish Defence College's Advanded Command Course in 1999. In 2001, he was assigned as Air Attaché at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. After his return to Sweden, he has served as Commanding Officer of the Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing in Linköping.

Following his promotion to Brigadier General, Micael Bydén served in the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters as Head of Air Force Training and Development Staff in 2009. Two years later, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the ISAF Regional Command North in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. In 2012, then Major General, Bydén was appointed Chief of Staff of the Swedish Air Force and Air Component Commander. He held this position until he assumed his current duty.

Three children