Amb. Ariadne Petridis

Permanent Representative – Belgium

  • Last updated: 20 Feb. 2023 09:07
Ariadne Petridis, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO

Ambassador Ariadne Petridis started her tenure as Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO on August 16, 2022.

Prior to her current position, she was the Director for the Americas & the Caribbean at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Earlier diplomatic postings include the Embassy of Belgium in Rome, Paris and Kinshasa, the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union in Brussels and the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the United Nations.

Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Petridis held a variety of positions including within the Directorate for Security and Defense, the Directorate for Human Rights, the Directorate for EU External Relations and as Director for Public Diplomacy.
Ms. Petridis is a career diplomat with over 30 years of experience and holds the rank of Minister Plenipotentiary.

Her mother tongue is Dutch. She also speaks French, English and Spanish, as well as some Portuguese, Italian, Modern Greek and German.

She holds a Master’s degree in Romance languages and literature, as well as an Advanced Master’s degree in International Politics.
Ambassador Ariadne Petridis is married and has two children. The family lives in Antwerp.