Lieutenant General Sławomir Wojciechowski

Military Representative – Poland

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Name:  Sławomir Wojciechowski (PhD) Rank:   Lieutenant General, Polish Army
Duty post: General Staff of the PAF
Born: 30 September 1963
Married to Renata and two daughters Anna and Aleksandra

Born in Węgorzyno. Commissioned officer of the Polish Land Forces, PhD in Social Science. Lieutenant General Sławomir Wojciechowski co-founded the first EU Battlegroup based on 17th Mechanised Brigade. Thanks to his skills, knowledge and experience, LtGen Wojciechowski has occupied a number of responsible positions connected with leading and commanding organizations in the country as well as abroad. As a part-time scholar he has been teaching in the field of Strategic Studies in War Academy in Warsaw.


Military Academy of Air Defence in Koszalin (1987) National Defence University in Warsaw, Command/Staff Studies at the Faculty of Land Forces, graduated with a diploma (1993–1995). Joint Services Command and Staff College (Shrivenham, Great Britain) - postgraduate studies: Advanced Command and Staff Course (2001). NATO School Oberammergau (Germany), Combined Joint Operations Centre (2002). US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks (Pennsylvania, USA) - post-graduate studies in Defence Politics (2008), Master Degree in Security Studies. US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks - Joined Force Land Component Commander Course, Centre for Strategic Leadership US Army War College (2017). War Studies University in Warsaw, National Security Department, PhD in Social Science and Security (2017). Generals, Flag Officers & Ambassadors’ Course in NATO Defence College Rome (2022)

Military career in Poland:

Platoon leader and officer cadet unit leader in the Military Academy of Air Defence in Koszalin (1988-1993); Commander of Anti-Aircraft Artillery Squadron in 3rd Armoured Brigade (1995-1997); Chief of Air Defence in 36th Armoured Brigade and later 36th Mechanised Brigade (1997–1999); Deputy Commander of 4th Zielonogórski Anti-Aircraft Regiment (1999-2004); Commander of 4th Anti-Aircraft Regiment in Zielona Góra (2004-2007); Chief of Training of 11th Armoured Cavalry Division (2007); Commander of 17th Wielokopolska Mechanised Brigade (2008-2012). Deputy Chief in the Operational Planning Directorate - J3 of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces (2012-2013); Director of the Strategy and Defence Planning Department in the Ministry of National Defence (2013-2015); Deputy Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces (2015-2016); Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces (2017-2018); Commander of the Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin (2018-2021); Polish Military Representative to NATO and EU Military Committees (2022- )

Decorations and medals:

Officer’s Cross of Polonia Restituta (2005),
Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Military Cross (2011), Military Cross of Merit (2016),
Iraq Star (2010),
Afghanistan Star (2011),
Medal for the XXX years of Military Service (2021),
Class Medal of Merit for National Defence in Bronze, Silver and Gold (1996, 2005, 2011),
Class Medal of Armed Forces in the Service of Fatherland in Bronze, Silver and Gold (2000, 2005, 2012),
Illinois National Guard Distinguished Service Medal (2005), Ukrainian Ministry of Defence Crosss of Merit (2005), Meritorious Service Medal for US Armed Forces (2011), Estonian Defence Forcers Cross of Merit(2021), Commemorative Cross of the Chef of General Staff of Slovak Armed Forces (2021),
Kingdom of Denmark Defence Medal (2021), Gold Cross of Honor of the Bundeswehr (2021).

Service in operations contingents and EU:

Commander Task Force White Eagle, 9th rotation, Polish Military Contingent, Ghazni Province, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 17 Mech Bde (2011);
Commander of EU Battlegroup, 17th Mech Bde (2009-2010);
Chief of Staff, HQ Multinational Division Central- South, 4th rotatin, Polish Military Contingent, Iraq, 11th Armoured Cavalry Division (2004- 2005).

Military rank promotions:

Lieutenant General (2018),
Major General (2017),
Brigadier General (2008),
Colonel (2004),
Lieutenant Colonel (2002),
Major (1998),
Captain (1994),
1st Lieutenant (1990),
2nd Lieutenant (1987)