Vice Admiral  Dario Giacomin

Military Representative – Italy

  • Last updated: 04 Jul. 2022 08:58

Born in Trieste in 1961, after attending the Naval Academy, he qualified submariner in 1984 and then held various positions on board, progressively up to Commanding Officer of the Submarines MOCENIGO and DANDOLO (Toti Class) and LONGOBARDO (Sauro Class).

Dario Giacomin

He then commanded the frigate GRECALE, the 2nd CORVETTE SQUADRON - also acting as instructor at the School of Naval Command in Augusta, Sicily and the Aircraft Carrier GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI.

During his career he has covered several positions focusing the U212A Submarines Program, he has been assigned to the Italian Defence General Staff as Deputy Chief of Strategic Planning Office, fulfilled the roles of Defence and Naval Attaché to the UK, Ireland and Iceland, has been Chief of the Submarine Service - including responsibilities of Staff, Operational Command and Procurement-, has been Fleet Command Chief of Staff and Head of the Infrastructure and Logistics Department of the Navy General Staff, has been Deputy Defence General Secretary/Deputy National Armament Director. On 25 June 2022, he has been appointed Italian Military Representative to NATO and EU Military Committees.

He attended the 91st Senior Course at the NATO Defence College and the 1st Combined Joint Staff Institute Course in Rome.

Vice Admiral Dario Giacomin was appointed Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and received the Maurician Medal. His decorations include the silver medals for long navigation, the gold medals for long command and for long military service, the medal for the Operation Active Endeavour, the medal for the European Union Operation Sophia and, of course, the submariners’ badge of honour.