Colonel  József Szücs (Acting)

Military Representative – Hungary

  • Last updated: 09 May. 2023 10:23
József Szücs

Deputy Military Representative
Office of the Hungarian Military Representative to NATO and EU Military Committees

Personal Information:
Date of Birth: 19 Sept 1964
Place of Birth: Csorna, Hungary
E-mail: Married with one son

Military career:
1987-1991 ADP engineer, Radar battalion, 1991-1993 Ops officer, Radar battalion, 1995-1997 Deputy Commander, Radar battalion,
1997-1998 Commander, Radar battalion,
1998-2000 Senior Ops officer, HDF Air Force Staff,
2000-2003 Chief of Staff, HDF 64 Veszprém ASACS Regiment,
2003-2010 Deputy Commander, HDF 54. Veszprém ASACS Regiment,
2010-2011 Commander, HDF 54. Veszprém ASACS Regiment,
2011-2018 Commander, HDF Air Command and Control Centre,
2019-2020 Managing Director of Pilot Training at National University of Public Service, Military Science and Officers Training Faculty,
2020- Deputy Military Representative

1983-1987 Automatic Data Processing Systems, BSC degree
Zalka Máté Military High School, Budapest
1992-1995 Air Force strategy and operations, MSC degree
Zrínyi Miklós Defence University, Budapest
2007-2008 National resources management, MSC degree
National Defense University, Washington DC, USA

1997 NATO orientation course
1999 English course
2001 Military Training and assistance Program (Canada)
2003 Air Operational English Course
2006 Acquisition Course
2019 Human oriented organizational development
2021 NATO Senior Policy Course

Mission: 2008 Balkan Theater, EUFOR staff, Director of Staff operation

Language: English: Advanced SLP 3443

Medals and Decorations:
1994 Service Sign 3nd Class
1999 Officer's Service Sign 3rd Class
2003 Officer's Service Sign 2rd Class
2003 Service Sign 2nd Class
2004 Officer's Service Sign 1rd Class
2009 Peace keeping Medal, "La Pace" Medal (Italy)
2010 Service Sign of "Red Sludge" Catastrophe
2014 15 years in NATO Presidential Coin
2014 Order of Merit of Hungary, Knight Cross