Lieutenant General Claude Van de Voorde

Military Representative – Belgium
2020 – 2023

  • Last updated: 02 Jun. 2023 14:16

Retired April 1, 2023 

Lieutenant General Claude Van de Voorde was born in Zelzate on 10 March 1962. Being the son of a serviceman who was member of the former Belgian Armed Forces in Germany, he has spent the first twelve years of his youth in Germany. After completing three years at the Royal Cadets School in Brussels, Claude Van de Voorde joins the Royal Military Academy at the age of 18. Four years later he graduates with a Master’s degree in Military and Social Sciences.

Almost 2 years later, at the end of 1985, Claude Van de Voorde successfully completes the undergraduate pilot training and is pinned on his pilot wings.

After a one-year operational conversion on the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the young fighter pilot is assigned to 31 ‘Tiger’ Squadron at Kleine-Brogel Airbase where he exercises all common duties up to and including the position of squadron operations officer.

After completing Staff College in 1994, he serves as a staff officer at the Tactical Air Force HQ where he is in charge of “Offensive Operations” and of the management and planning office. Preceded by another academic postgraduate training interval at the War Staff College in Brussels, Major Van de Voorde is appointed commander of 31 Fighter-Bomber Squadron in 1998. During this period he participates in several operations over the Balkans and carries out missions as the Belgian F-16 detachment commander above Bosnia and Kosovo, to include operation ‘Allied Force’.

In 2001 he joins the Planning and Programs Section of the Air Force Staff. Two years later he is assigned to the Strategy Department within the framework of the new single joint defense structure and is in charge of long-term planning for the newly created “Air Component”. Promoted Colonel, Claude Van de Voorde is appointed military advisor to the Belgian delegation within NATO as from January 2004 where he acts as the Belgian representative in the field of armament and nuclear policy.

Shortly after attending the Senior Course at NATO Defence College in Rome, he is designated as Commanding Officer of the 10th Tactical Wing, known as Kleine-Brogel Airbase, in 2007. At the end of this command tour, he has a total of almost 2,000 flying hours on F-16.

On 21 July 2009 Major General Claude Van de Voorde is appointed Air Component Commander.

On 02 September 2011, Major General Claude Van de Voorde is appointed Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty the King Albert II. Two years later, Major General Claude Van de Voorde is appointed Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty the King Filip.

On 26 December 2013, Claude Van de Voorde is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

On 5 November 2014, after more than five years in command of the Belgian Air Component, he joins the MOD’s office as chief of the Cabinet of the minister of Defense. A new career switch is made since 20 June 2017 when he is appointed Chief of the General Intelligence and Security Service, resorting directly under the minister of Defense.

As of September 25th, 2020 he serves as the Military Representative of Belgium to the NATO Military Committee.

Claude Van de Voorde is married to Dominique. They have two children and one grandson and they live in the beautiful town of Hoegaerden.