Major General Bajram Begaj

– Albania

  • Last updated: 04 Aug. 2020 16:02

Major General Assoc. Prof. Bajram BEGAJ was born on 20th March 1967, in Rrogozhina, Albania.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in the Branch of General Medicine in 1989 and became an active officer in the specialty "Medicine" in 1998. He has assumed different staff and commanding positions at different levels.

Prior to becoming Chief of Defence, Major General Assoc. Prof. BEGAJ was serving as the Commander of Training and Doctrine Command. His joint assignments include the role as the Chief of the Military Medical Unit, Director of the Health Inspectorate and Chief Inspector and Advisor of the Health Inspectorate in General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces.

Major General Assoc. Prof. BEGAJ has graduated from the Senior Course on Security and Defense Studies, Advanced Postgraduate School of Medicine and Postgraduate Specialization in the profile Gastro Hepatology, in Tirana; Hospital Management Course and Strategic Medical Leadership Course, in USA.

Major General Assoc. Prof. BEGAJ has completed the Senior International Defense Management Course, in Naval Postgraduate School (Defense Resources Management Institute), in USA, and Senior Executive Seminar, in Marshall Center, Germany, as well as others military qualifications. 

Major General Assoc. Prof. Bajram BEGAJ has completed the Doctorate in the Field of Medicine, in Albania and holds the title "Associate Professor" in Medicine. 

Major General Assoc. Prof. BEGAJ has been awarded several medals for his achievements throughout his military career. 

Major General BEGAJ speaks fluently English.

He is married to Mrs. Armanda and they have two adult children.