Brigadier General Remigijus Baltrėnas

Military Representative – Lithuania

  • Last updated: 22 Oct. 2020 10:49

Brigadier General Remigijus BALTRĖNAS is a graduate of Lithuanian Military Academy and earned MA degree in Strategic Studies at the United States Army War College. He also attended Joint Forces Staff Course at the National Defence University and Marine Corps Command and Staff College at the Marine Corps University, USA.

Prior to becoming Lithuanian Military Representative to NATO and the European Union, Brigadier General BALTRĖNAS served as 15th Director of Defence Intelligence and Security Service of Lithuania. From this position, he held the Lithuanian seat at the NATO Military Intelligence Committee.

Brigadier General has had multiple command and staff positions in Lithuanian Armed Forces throughout the last 26 years to include command of Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Chief of Operations and Training of Motorized Infantry Brigade "Iron Wolf", Chief of Staff of Motorized Infantry Battalion.

While serving as the Commander of Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Brigadier General deployed as a Commander of Province Reconstruction Team-12, ISAF, led by Lithuania in Afghanistan as a resolute commitment in the Allied fight against terrorism. His operational deployments also include serving as a Deputy Commander of Infantry

Company of the joint Baltic Battalion at NATO-led Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

During his career Brigadier General BALTRĖNAS served as Director of the Joint Command and Staff Course at the Baltic Defence College and as Executive Officer to the Minister of Defence.

For the commendable service to Lithuania and Lithuanian Armed Forces Brigadier General BALTRĖNAS has been awarded the Lithuanian Order of the Cross of Vytis and a number of other awards.

Brigadier General and his wife Žaneta have been married for more than 15 years and have daughter Kotryna and son Remas. He is a keen player and follower of basketball and enjoys running.