Garðar Forberg

Military Representative – Iceland

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  • 1987-1991    Primary and Secondary school in Luxembourg
  • 1987-1991    Commercial College of Iceland. Graduated with baccalaureat and    Commercial Degree.
  • 1992-1995    Officer School of the Army in Hannover, Germany. Graduated as infantry officer in 1995 with emphasis on Political History, Political Science and Logistics along with Military Tactics.


  • 1996       Sales Manager for an Icelandic Fish import company based in Luxembourg.
  • Sep 1996 – Feb 1997       Operations Officer for Air Atlanta Icelandic based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mar 1997 – Oct 1997       Operations Supervisor for Air Atlanta Icelandic based in Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Oct 1997 – Feb 2000       Station Manager for Air Atlanta Icelandic based in Madrid, Spain. Responsible for day to day operation of two 747 aircraft on behalf of Iberia Airlines and a staff of 250.
  • Mar 2000 – Sep 2001       Station Manager / Project Manager for Air Atlanta Icelandic on several projects throughout the world. Postings included Israel, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and other locations in Europe.
  • Sep 2001- March 2003     Marketing Manager Air Atlanta Icelandic.
  • Apr 2003 – Sept 2003Chief of Air Movement and Commander of Pristina Airport on behalf of the Iceland Crisis Response Unit. Responsible for the day to day operation of Pristina Airport as well as the training of local personnel in preparation of the handover from military to civilian authorities. Handover was succesfully achieved in April 2004.
  • Sep 2003 – April 2006       Director Sales, Air Atlanta Icelandic.
  • Nov 2004 – Jan 2005        Commander of Kabul International Airport on behalf of the Iceland Crisis Response Unit. Responsible for the day to day operation of the Airport as well as the training of local personnel. Moreover, responsible for the Airport Military area, including the area of the French Army Battlegroup camped inside the Airport perimeter.  
  • 2006                                   Four months deployment  Ghor Province, Afghanistan as Commander of Icelandic Mobile Observation Team (MOT) based in Forward Operating Base Chagcharan. Responsiblities included conducting 3-5 day reconnaissance missions with the aim to liaise and interact with the local population in an extremely remote area of the country.
  • 2006 - 2008                       President and CEO of Icelandair owned company Smartlynx Airlines in Riga, Latvia. During my tenure the airline grew from 2 Airbus 320 aircraft to a total of 13 Aircraft. The airline was rebranded to Smartlynx Airlines from its previous  name Latcharter.
  • 2009                                  One year secondment as Counsellor to NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on behalf of the Iceland Crisis Response Unit. Responsibilities included to oversee the rehabilitation of Civil Aviation in Afghanistan.
  • 2009-2012                         Managing Partner and co-owner at Avion Capital Partners in Sion, Switzerland. Avion Capital Partners provides a range of management and consultancy services in various sectors of the aviation industry. Avion Capital Partners invested in Lithuanian Airline Avion Express in 2011.
  • 2011- 2018                        Based in Vilnius, Lithuania overseeing the activities of Avion Express as a major shareholder and representative of the board. Since 2011, the airline grew from a single Airbus 320 aircraft to its present fleet of 23 Aircraft, positioning the company as the global leader in its market segment. The airline was succesfully sold to a global consortium in 2018.
  • 2019                                  Director International Defence Cooperation Department, Defence Directorate, Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  • Aug 2019 -                        Military Commitee Representative to the Permanent Delegation of Iceland to NATO.


Language Skills:

  • Icelandic:            Mother Language
  • English:               Speak, read and write fluently
  • German:             Speak, read and write fluently
  • French:               Speak, read and write fluently
  • Luxembourgish:   Speak, read and write fluently
  • Spanish:              Speak and read