Brigadier General Modestas Petrauskas

Military Representative – Lithuania

  • Last updated: 11 Dec. 2018 10:10

Brigadier General Modestas Petrauskas is born in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In 1991, he participated in civilian protests against Soviet Forces in Lithuania including clashes at the TV tower and the defense of the Parliament during the Lithuanian struggle for Independence. Following this, he joined Lithuanian military service as a volunteer of the National Volunteer Defense Forces in 1992. He graduated from the Lithuanian Military Academy in the second release of officers of the Independent Lithuania in 1995. As a cadet of the military Academy, he graduated from the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course in PPCLI Battle School, Canada.

BG M. Petrauskas operational assignments include deployments to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Mechanized Infantry Platoon Commander and later as S2 officer of the Danish Battalion, NORDPOL BDE. Following this, he was deployed in OSCE Border Monitoring mission of the Georgian - Chechen border as a Team Base Commander. BG M. Petrauskas commanded Jaeger battalion of the Lithuanian SOF and later - Task Force 77 in Afghanistan.

During his staff assignments, BG M. Petrauskas served in Multinational Operations Division of Defence Staff of Lithuania and following this - ADC to the Commander of the Lithuanian Land Forces. Later he was dispatched to USCENTCOM as Lithuanian SOF Liaison Officer for Operation Enduring Freedom.

BG M. Petrauskas graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College as Master of Military Arts and Science. He graduated from the Royal College of Defence Studies in London, UK and earned MA in International Studies from King’s College, London. He served as Defence advisor for the President of Lithuania, later as Chief of the Training Center of the Lithuanian SOF. Following this, BG M. Petrauskas served as chief of Staff of the Lithuanian SOF. For the NRF15 he was assigned as Deputy Commander of the Polish-led Special Operations Component Command. From 2015, BG M. Petrauskas commanded Lithuanian SOF. Brigadier General Modestas Petrauskas assumed the role of Lithuania Military Representative to NATO and the EU on 26 November 2018.

He is married and has two children.