Admiral António Silva Ribeiro

Chief of Defence – Portugal

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Admiral António Silva Ribeiro was appointed as Chief of General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces in the 1st of march 2018. Previously, as flag officer he served as Chief of the Naval Staff and National Maritime Authority, Maritime Authority General Director and Maritime Police Commander, Superintendent of Material, General Director of the Hydrographic Institute, the Deputy Vice-Chief of the Naval Staff, Secretary of the Admiralty Council and Member of the Consultative Commission on Search and Rescue.

Complementary to his military career, Admiral António Silva Ribeiro is an academic specialized in Strategy, Political Science and History. He currently teaches and supervises research works in some of Portugal's leading universities and research centers. He has an extensive published work, and he is a regular speaker at conferences on Military and Political Affairs, International Affairs and Strategy.

Military Career

As senior officer he held the positions of: Head of the Planning Division at the Naval Staff; Coordinator of the Strategy Department and professor of Strategy and Strategic Planning at the Superior Naval War Institute; Commanding Officer of the Fleet of Hydrographic Ships; Commanding Officer of NRP Almeida Carvalho; Director of Research and Operations at the Strategic Defense and Military Information Service; Adviser at the National Defense Institute; Head of the Forces Planning Section at the Planning Division of the Naval Staff; Deputy of the Chief of the Department of Strategic and Military Studies at the General Directorate of National Defense Policy; and Commanding Officer of the NRP Andromeda. As junior officer, he was the Head of the Navigation Service of NRP João Belo. In the Hydrographic Institute was: Deputy of the Head of the Coastal Dynamics Division; Head of the Nautical Publications Section; Deputy of the Technical Director for the Cooperation with Portuguese-speaking African Countries; Head of the Technical-Naval Studies Center; Representative in the Portuguese Association of Water and Hydraulic Resources. He was also the Executive Officer of NRP Save and Deputy Chief of the Navigation Service of NRP São Gabriel.

Academic Career

In his academic career he is invited full professor with aggregation in Strategic Studies at the Social and Political Sciences Institute, a military professor at the Portuguese Naval Academy. He was a coordinating professor at the Information Sciences and Administration Institute. His main research topic is strategic planning, although he is interested in maritime strategy, military strategy, international politics, military sociology, military history, maritime history and hydrographic history.

He published sixteen books, three of which abroad. Two of the published books talk about strategy theory, five of them discuss strategic planning applied to the state, national defense, national security and the navy, one (co-author) debates terrorism and eight approach military history, maritime history and hydrographic history. He lectured in more than 130 conferences and has over 300 articles published in national and foreign newspapers and magazines.


Admiral António Silva Ribeiro is a fellow and an active contributor to a diverse number of groups and journals of note including the Strategic Studies and Reflection Group of the Navy, the Portuguese Maritime Academy, the Sea Studies Center, the Warriors League, the Observatory for Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism, the Portuguese Center of Geopolitics, the Portuguese Military History Committee, the journal "Revista Militar", the journal "Nação e Defesa", the journal "Segurança e Defesa", the Naval Military Club, the Naval Officers and Cadets Club, the Group of Friends of Olivença, the journal "Revista de Relações Internacionais" and the journal "Revista de Ciências Militares".

Awards and decorations

During his career, Admiral António Silva Ribeiro has been awarded several decorations, including: Grand Officer of the Military Order of Avis; six Distinguished Services Medals (Silver); Military Merit Medal (1st and 2nd class); Naval Cross Medal (2nd and 3rd class); Vasco da Gama’s Naval Medal; Exemplary Conduct Medal (Gold and Silver); Prestige and Career Medal awarded by the City Hall of Pombal (Gold); Commander of the Order of Naval Merit (Brazil); Tamandaré’s Merit Medal (Brazil); Officer of the National Order of Merit (France); French National Defense Medal (Gold); Order of East Timor (2nd class). He is an Honorary Citizen of Gulfport (Mississippi-USA) and holds the 1992 Medal from the journal "Revista Militar" for his outstanding contribution to the prestige and projection of that institution.

Admiral António Silva Ribeiro was also awarded the following cultural commendations: Admiral Barroso 1995 and 1996 of the Naval Military Club; Admiral Pereira Crespo 1999 of the journal "Revista da Armada"; Admiral Augusto Osório 2000 of the Naval Military Club; Commander Joaquim Costa 2001 of the journal "Revista da Armada"; and National Defense 2004 from the Minister of National Defense.

Academic qualifications

Admiral António Silva Ribeiro joined Naval Academy in 1974 and was promoted to Midshipman in October of 1978 upon graduation from the Academy. His academic accomplishments include a degree in Hydrography and post-graduate studies including a Masters in Strategic Studies, Doctorate in Political Science and Aggregation in Strategic Studies. He also has the Naval Warfare General Course, the Naval Warfare Complementary Course and the Flag Officer’s Promotion Course.

Personal information

Admiral António Silva Ribeiro was born on the 14th of October 1957 in Pombal, is married and has two adult sons. He lives in Seixal.