Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku

Chief of Defence – Albania

  • Last updated: 22 Mar. 2019 10:15

Brigadier General Bardhyl Kollçaku was born on 05th June 1967, in Berat, Albania.

He graduated from the Military High School "Skënderbej", and the Military Academy. He was commissioned in 1990 as an Intelligence Officer, and has assumed different staff and commanding positions at different levels.

Prior to becoming Chief of Armed Forces General Staff BG Kollçaku assumed duties as the General Director of Defence Intelligence and Security Agency, and the Director of Strategic Policies Division in the MOD. 

His joint assignments include the role as the Director of Defence Planning and Monitoring Division (J5/8) in the Albanian Armed Forces' General Staff, and the Chief of the Cabinet of the Albanian CHoD.

BG Kollçaku’s international experience includes assignments as the Director of Coordination & Integration Division (MPD) SHAPE, Belgium. He also served as Military Observer in the UN Observers Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG).

BG Kollçaku has graduated from the Senior Course on Security and Defence Studies in Tirana, the US Army Command and General Staff College, the International Defence Management Course, the Combined Strategic Intelligence Training Program and Joint Forces Staff College in the USA, as well as the Executive Program on Advanced Security Studies in "George C. Marshall" Center, Germany. His curriculum includes also the Special Forces Course. He earned his Master's Degree from Tirana University (Public Administration) and has a PhD in Defence Studies.

BG Kollçaku has been awarded several medals for his achievements throughout his military career.

He is married to Valbona and has two children, Argios and Kejsi.