Chairs of the NATO Military Committee

The Chair² of the Military Committee directs the day-to-day business of the Committee, NATO's highest military authority, and acts on its behalf.

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Past and present Chairs of the NATO Military Committee


NATO Military Committee in Chiefs-of-Staff Session
1949-1950 General Omar N. Bradley (United States)
1951-1952 Lt. General Etienne Baele (Belgium)
1952-1953 Lt. General Charles Foulkes (Canada)
1953-1954 Admiral E.J.C. Quistgaard (Denmark)
1954-1955 General Augustin Guillaume (France)
1955-1956 Lt. General Stylianos Pallis (Greece)
1956-1957 General Giuseppe Mancinelli (Italy)
1957-1958 General B.R.P.F. Hasselman (Netherlands)
1958-1959 Lt. General Bjarne Øen (Norway)
1959-1960 General J.A. Beleza Ferras (Portugal)
1960 General Rustu Erdelhun (Turkey)
1960-1961 Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma (United Kingdom)
1961-1962 General Lyman L. Lemnitzer (United States)
1962-1963 Lt. General C.P. de Cumont (Belgium)


NATO Military Committee in Permanent Session
1958-1961 General B.R.P.F. Hasselman (Netherlands)
1961-1963 General Adolf Heusinger (Germany)


NATO Military Committee¹
(1963 - )
1963-1964 General Adolf Heusinger (Germany)
1964-1968 Lt. General C.P. de Cumont (Belgium)
1968-1971 Admiral Sir Nigel Henderson (United Kingdom)
1971-1974 General Johannes Steinhoff (Germany)
1974-1977 Admiral of the Fleet Sir Peter Hill-Norton (United Kingdom)
1977-1980 General Herman F. Zeiner Gunderson (Norway)
1980-1983 Admiral Robert H. Falls (Canada)
1983-1986 General Cornelis De Jager (Netherlands)
1986-1989 General Wolfgang Altenburg (Germany)
1989-1993 General Vigleik Eide (Norway)
1993-1996 Field Marshal Richard Vincent (United Kingdom)
1996-1999 General Klaus Naumann (Eng./Fr.) (Germany)
1999-2002 Admiral Guido Venturoni (Eng./Fr.) (Italy)
2002-2005 General Harald Kujat (Eng./Fr.) (Germany)
2005-2008 General Ray Henault (Eng./Fr.) (Canada)
2008-2011 Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola (Eng.) (Italy)
2012-2015 General Knud Bartels (Denmark)
2015- 2018 General Petr Pavel (Czech Republic)
2018 - 2021 Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach (United Kingdom)
2021 - Admiral Rob Bauer (Netherlands)

  1. In December 1963 the Chairman of the Military Committee in Permanent Session also became Chairman of the Military Committee in Chiefs-of-Staff Session.
  2. On 18 May 2021 NATO Chiefs of Defence agreed to the change in title from Chairman to Chair of the NATO Military Committee.