Security Committee (SC)

  • Last updated: 22 Sep. 2011 11:12

The Security Committee (SC) examines all questions concerning NATO security policy and acts as an advisory body to the North Atlantic Council (NAC). It reviews the NATO security policy, makes recommendations for changes and examines questions related to the subject.

The SC also reviews and approves the supporting directives and guidance documents in the areas of personnel security, physical security, security of information, industrial security and INFOSEC; and considers security matters referred to it by the NAC, a member country, the NATO Secretary General, the Military Committee, the NC3 (consultation, command and control) Board or the heads of NATO civil and military bodies, preparing appropriate recommendations on related subjects.

The SC is composed of representatives from each member nation’s National Security Authority (NSA) supported, where required, by additional member country security staff.  Representatives of the International Military Staff, Strategic Commands and NATO C3 Board are present at meetings of the SC, as may be representatives of NATO civil and military bodies when matters of interest to them are addressed.

The SC is chaired by the Director of the NATO Office of Security (NOS) and the day-to-day work of the committee is supported by the NOS.  The SC meets in different formats: at Principal’s level; in Security Policy Format (SP); and in Information Assurance Format (IA).  The SC may meet with partner countries, as appropriate.

The SC meets on a regular basis, holding a minimum of two meetings per year at Principal’s level.  The SC in SP and IA Formats also meets on a regular basis, as required.  Chairmanship may be delegated to duly appointed staff members from the NOS.  The SC is directly responsible to the NAC, to which it reports at least once a year on the progress of its work.