Joint press statements

by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron

  • 24 Jun. 2024 -
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  • Last updated: 24 Jun. 2024 18:44

(As delivered)

President Macron,
Cher Emmanuel,
Thank you for your warm welcome and your kind words and thank you also for an excellent meeting this afternoon and let me also thank you for your strong personal commitment to the Transatlantic Alliance and to NATO.
It has really been a great privilege to work so closely with you over all these years.

It is always a pleasure to be in Paris, and to meet with you.
In just two weeks time, NATO leaders will meet for an historic 75th anniversary Summit in Washington.
And as always, France will play an important role.

Since NATO’s founding, France has made vital contributions to our shared security and our collective defence.

Today, France lead our multinational battlegroup in Romania, and have deployed forces in Estonia.
A French air defence system helps to protect our borders in the Black Sea region.
French jets regularly patrol in the Baltic skies, and French naval ships keep our sea lanes open and safe.
France’s nuclear forces also contribute to our overall security, the security of the whole Alliance.

So thank you so much for France’s leadership in NATO.

At the Summit in Washington, more support to Ukraine will be our most urgent task.
Since Russia’s full-scale invasion, Allies have provided unprecedented support.
But recent gaps and delays have led to real consequences on the battlefield.
We must give Ukraine the predictability and accountability it needs to defend itself.

So I expect that Allies, when we meet at the summit, will agree for NATO to lead the coordination and provision of security assistance and training for Ukraine.
And I have also proposed a long-term financial pledge for Ukraine.

Our support is not about making NATO a party to the conflict.
It is about ensuring that Ukraine can uphold its right of self-defence.
A fundamental right which is enshrined in the UN Charter. 

At the Summit, we will also address NATO’s deterrence and defence.
Including investment.
And as you mentioned, President, I strongly welcome that this year, a record of 23 Allies – including France – will invest at least 2% of GDP on defence.

We will also address other important issues at the Summit, including work with the European Union and our Indo-Pacific partners.
And the decisions we’ll take in Washington will strengthen our Alliance for the future.

So President Macron,
Thank you again for hosting me today.
I look forward to our Summit in Washington.
Let me also wish you all the best for a successful Olympic Games.
Thank you.