Opening remarks

by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs with Indo-Pacific Partners and the EU

  • 04 Apr. 2024 -
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  • Last updated: 04 Apr. 2024 14:41

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Welcome to all of you, we're ready to start. Welcome to this meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers, together with our partners from Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Republic of Korea and the European Union.

We know that our security is not regional, it is global. The war in Ukraine illustrates this clearly. Russia's friends in Asia are vital for continuing this war of aggression. China is propping up Russia's war economy. In return, Moscow is mortgaging its future to Beijing.

North Korea and Iran are delivering substantial supplies of weapons and ammunition. In return, Pyongyang and Tehran are receiving Russian technology and supplies that help them to advance their missile and nuclear capabilities.

This has regional and global security consequences. As authoritarian powers become more aligned, it is important that like-minded nations around the world stand together, to defend a global order ruled by law, not by force.

Today, we will discuss how to best, to work together, towards this end. We also have much to gain from practical cooperation, including in the context of technology, cyber and hybrid threats, as well as in our support to Ukraine. All of this matters for European security and for Indo Pacific security. This ends the public part of the meeting and I thank the media for joining us at the top of the meeting and the meeting will continue in just a moment. Thank you so much.