by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen following his meeting with the Speaker of Parliament, Josip Leko

  • 11 Oct. 2013
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  • Last updated: 11 Oct. 2013 19:29

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

We have just had a very good meeting.

We discussed NATO’s operations, and our political agenda, including our preparations for next year’s summit.

And I thank you, Mr Speaker, for Croatia’s strong and consistent support for NATO.

Croatia plays a valuable role in our operations. Croatia plays a valuable role in our debates. And Croatia plays a valuable role in building cooperation and dialogue in the Western Balkans region.

Today the NATO Parliamentary Assembly meets in Dubrovnik. Parliaments are the backbone of democracy. They play a vital role in shaping government policies, and shaping popular support for those policies.

Today we will discuss defence and security, and the importance of making sure that we invest sufficiently in those areas.

Security is the basis of our prosperity. It is the foundation of our future. And it is the best guarantee of our freedom, our values and our way of life. 

So I will look to every member of every parliament here today to stand up for security. To make the case for renewed investment, and re-invigorated defence.

I thank Croatia for hosting this meeting. And I look forward to your support, as we build security for every member of the Alliance.