Opening remarks

by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the Joint Press Point with the Greek Minister of Defence Dimitrios Avramopoulos, 11 October 2013

  • 11 Oct. 2013
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NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Dimitrios Avramopoulos, Minister of Defence of Greece

Minister, we have had a very good meeting at an important time.

We discussed NATO’s operations, where Greece is making a valuable contribution. And we discussed the participation of Greece in multinational projects to  make our forces more capable and better connected. And I thank you for  your continued commitment.

Later this month, we will meet again in Brussels with NATO defence ministers to chart the path towards our summit next year.

We will take important steps in shaping  the NATO of the future. By making sure our forces have the equipment they need, and undertake the exercises they need, to be able to deal with any threat. 

This is not an easy task. We face a range of threats which are more diverse and complex than ever before  – from terrorism and piracy to cyber-attacks. And we face those threats in a time of unprecedented austerity.

But it is a task which we must accomplish, for the sake of our own security. And the most effective way to  do it is to work together.

Developing modern military capabilities together, so that we share the cost of development, and the benefit of success. 

Training together, so that troops from across the Alliance and beyond operate as a single, seamless force.

And consulting together on the full range of issues which affect our security – both within the Alliance, and with partners who share our commitment to international peace and stability.

Making sure that we stay ahead of the threats we face will take determination. And it will take leadership.

I look forward to Greece’s full support in this, as we come together to build the NATO of the future.