Summit Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government

Chicago, United States of America, 20-21 May 2012 - Second media advisory

  • 20 May. 2012 - 21 May. 2012
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  • Press Release (2012) 074
  • Issued on 16 May. 2012
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  • Last updated: 16 May. 2012 15:50

General information

  1. This Media Advisory complements the advisory released on 13 March and contains information for media planning, video and audio transmission and recording, working facilities at the International Media Centre (IMC) in Chicago and initial information on events coverage and pools.

  2. For further information on the Summit and about NATO, please visit:

  3. A NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government will be held on 20-21 May in Chicago. The meetings will be chaired by the NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, will host the meetings. The first official event of the Summit is expected Sunday afternoon and the Summit is foreseen to end on Monday 21 May in the afternoon.

  4. The meetings will take place at McCormick Place, 2301 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, 60616-1460.


  1. Media representatives wishing to cover Summit events and/or to enter the Media Centre must be accredited. Summit media passes must be worn clearly at all times. Media representatives are also informed that secondary identification may be requested by security personnel at any time within a secured zone.

  2. The Media Accreditation Office is located in Columbus Hall in the East Tower of the Hyatt Regency Chicago (151 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601). Summit Media credentials will be distributed from 17 May, as per the hours of operation detailed below (all times are local).

    17 May 15:00 – 20:00
    18 May 08:00 – 20:00
    19 May 08:00 – 20:00
    20 May 06:00 – 18:00
    21 May 06:00 – 15:00

    A photo ID is required to pick up the credentials.

Media transportation

  1. Shuttle transportation will be provided for accredited members of the media between Columbus Hall in the Hyatt Regency Chicago (151 East Wacker Drive) and the IMC. Columbus Hall is located in the East Tower on the Gold Level. Media are required to utilize this shuttle in order to access the IMC. Media who attempt to travel to McCormick Place unilaterally will be directed to the media shuttles at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

  2. Media shuttle hours of operation are :
    • Friday, May 18: 08:00-22:30
    • Saturday, May 19 at 03:45 to Monday, May 21 at 22:00 (on a 24-hour basis )

  3. Shuttles will run on a continuous basis during the hours noted above, with departures approximately every 10 minutes.

  4. Members of the media wishing to cover the airport arrivals are responsible for providing their own transportation to a designated parking area at O’Hare International Airport. Additional information on Leader Arrivals and directions to the designated parking lot will be advised closer to the summit.

Security checks on media belongings

  1. Media are also informed that security personnel will have full authority to examine and test any equipment and to examine any other items brought by media to any secured site including the IMC. Media are advised to plan enough time to allow for security checks each time prior to boarding the media shuttle at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Basic information about the international media centre facilities

  1. The Summit’s official International Media Center (IMC) is located in Halls B1 and B2 (Level 3) of the North Building at McCormick Place. The IMC is the central distribution point for information and material including live and taped video and audio, photo and other. Pools form only at the IMC and any Coverage of official Summit events starts there only: Media assigned to pools covering any Summit event must start their Coverage at the IMC. Media are required to travel to the event location from the IMC only via official escorts.

  2. Access to the IMC will be according to the following schedule :




    Friday, 18 May

    08:00 - 22:30

    International Media Center Open


    International Media Center closes for security sweep. All press must be out of the building at this time.

    Saturday 19 May

    Starting from 04:00
    Open 24-hours a day

    From May 18-May 22, all press must visibly display their NATO Summit Media Credential at all times while in McCormick Place

    Sunday 20 May

    Open 24-hours a day

    Monday 21 May

    Open 24-hours a day

    Tuesday 22 May

    IMC will close at 9:00


  3. Facilities planned at the International Media Centre (IMC) for credentialed media include :
    • Open and available 24 hours a day between Saturday 19 May, 4:00 and Tuesday 22 May, 9:00.
    • Summit Information Desk and media office support
    • NATO and Host Nation Press Offices
    • General press workroom with 1500 seats, Wi-Fi, shared internet connections, live video and audio feeds, and standard US electrical outlets (2-pin).
    • Business Center with shared-use personal computers, printers, photocopiers, a fax, and payphones
    • Host TV Master Control
    • Video and Audio Distribution points to record scheduled remarks
    • Fee for Service Area with editing / production space
    • Satellite Truck Parking area
    • Television stand-up positions (indoor and outdoor)
    • Press Conference rooms and pull-aside rooms
    • A fully equipped TV studio with two camera switch wired for live transmission
    • Closed Circuit TV
    • Hosted catering and food for purchase

Host TV

  1. Host TV will cover all official NATO events and private-aircraft leader arrivals. Live video and audio feeds will be available in the IMC, without added graphics or chyrons. Host TV format is NTSC HD-SDI 1080i BNC with 4 channels of embedded audio (1.Origional 2.English 3. French 4. Ad Hoc). “Host Out” feed distribution points will be located in the following areas within the IMC: the Press File, Host TV Master Control, the Fee for Service Area, and the Satellite Truck Parking area. Host TV feeds are provided free of charge. Live satellite feeds of official events will be provided free of change without encryption by NATO. This is arranged by NATO and the Summit Host Country as a courtesy to the general public with the understanding that the video and audio may be used only for appropriate news and public affairs uses.

  2. There will be a separate technical advisory on television closer to be summit (e.g., free satellite transmissions, live streams, and distribution and recording points).

  3. How to bring large amounts of equipment into the IMC : Any large amounts of equipment (equipment that is larger than hand-carry) that media intend to install in the IMC should be put into place before close of business (Chicago time) on 17 May. Access (for equipment load-in and set-up only) will be open from 8:00. A valid media credential from the media organization is required for access and must be visible at all times. A NATO Summit media credential is not required on this day.

  4. Uplink trucks (live transmission trucks) will be given access to the open-sky car park at the IMC but all trucks must pre-register and provide details (e.g., registration number, make and dimensions). Drivers and technicians operating these vehicles must have the Summit Media Credential.

Preliminary information on the media programme - pools

  1. Media representatives will receive the definitive detailed media programme upon accreditation. Elements of the programme will be available on the internet already from 15 or 16 May 2012 on the NATO website.

  2. Coverage of official events, with the exception of press briefings, will be restricted access. Pool cards to gain access to official events will be distributed to the media by the NATO Media Coordinator via each delegation, and it is the delegation’s responsibility to distribute pool cards to media from their country. Delegation press officer contact information will be available at the Information Desk within the International Media Center. Details on what media commits to by being in a pool is provided below.

  3. Pools will gather at a designated point within the Media Centre for their movement to the event. The time to report to the designated pool meeting point within IMC for each pool will be displayed on the TV information screens on Closed Circuit TV and indicated in the Official Media Programme.

  4. When a media representative accepts a NATO pool position it is with the strict understanding, in accordance with international practice, that the act of accepting the credential to be in a NATO pool signals explicit and unconditional agreement by that media representative that he/she will share upon request all information collected, and/or all material produced, while in that pool. Photographers who did not get a pool card and who are seeking pool photo materials should first contact the Wire service photo agency of which their organisation is a member or client. Media representatives and the news organizations that employ them who accept any material from a pool accept it with the understanding that it must be identified as pool material and that the material can be used only for legitimate news purposes; the receiving party has no right to sell pool material or otherwise profit from it.

  5. Those who are not themselves in pools can also obtain photographic and video material from any pooled event from NATO Press & Media Service.

Tentative schedule and events likely to be covered by pools – This list is subject to change.

  1. The summit is scheduled to start early afternoon on Sunday, 20 May, with a meeting among the 28 Allies, the so-called NATO format, followed by a working dinner, also at 28. It will continue on Monday, 21 May with a meeting on Afghanistan and a meeting with several of NATO’s Partners. The NATO Secretary General will hold a press conference after each of the aforementioned meetings. A meeting will also be held on 21 May at Foreign Ministers’ level with the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia¹.

  2. Working Dinners (at the level of Heads of State and Government, Foreign Ministers and Defence Ministers) on Sunday 20 May will be closed press. An official photo of attending Allies Heads of State or Government is foreseen in the early evening of 20 May.

  3. These are the main events where the NATO pool system for photographers and videographers will be in use. Events, times and pool size are still being finalized, but the list is likely to include :

    Saturday, 19 May – Monday 21 May
    Event: Young Atlanticist Summit (18-21 May)
    Coverage: TBD
    Time: Throughout the day
    Event: NATO Secretary-General addresses the Young Atlanticists
    Coverage: HOST TV and POOL
    Time: morning, Saturday 19 May
    NATO SG’s intervention will not be broadcast live but Host TV will replay immediately after the event in the IMC.

    Saturday, 19 May & Sunday, 20 May
    Event: Arrival of Leaders at O’Hare International Airport
    Coverage: HOST TV; open to the media (details provided further down in this media advisory)

    Sunday, 20 May:
    Event: Arrivals of Heads of State and / or Government at McCormick Place – official greeting by the NATO Secretary General and the President of the United States
    Coverage: HOST TV & POOL
    Time: early afternoon
    Event: North Atlantic Council (NAC) meeting at the level of Heads of State and / or Government – Honouring Ceremony for NATO troops in operations, including Secretary General’s message to the troops; Opening Remarks of the NAC meeting by the NATO Secretary General and Welcoming Remarks by the President of the United States
    Coverage: HOST TV and POOL
    Time: mid-afternoon
    Event: NATO Secretary General press conference
    Coverage: HOST TV & ALL MEDIA
    Time: late afternoon
    Event: Official Photo of Leaders
    Coverage: HOST TV and POOL
    Time: evening

    Monday, 21 May
    Event: Meeting on Afghanistan at the level of Heads of State and/or Government – Opening Remarks by the NATO Secretary General and by the President of the United States
    Coverage: HOST TV and POOL
    Time: morning
    Event: Meeting at the level of Foreign ministers with Bosnia and Herzegovia, Georgia, Montenegro and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia¹.
    Coverage: HOST TV and Visual POOL
    Time: mid-morning
    Event: NATO Secretary General’s press conference
    Coverage: HOST TV and ALL MEDIA
    Time: late morning
    Event: Meeting with Partners at the level of Heads of States and/or Government – opening remarks by the NATO Secretary General
    Coverage: HOST TV and POOL
    Time: around noon
    Event: Closing Press Conference by the NATO Secretary General
    Coverage: HOST TV and ALL MEDIA
    Time: early afternoon
    Event: Individual Press Conferences by some national leaders
    Coverage: As determined by the individual delegation; details provided by Delegations will be made available on CCTV
      Time: Throughout the afternoon

Coverage of airport arrivals of leaders

  1. Media who intend to cover private aircraft Leader Arrivals at O’Hare International Airport will be required to pre-register by using the following address: no less than 48 hours in advance.

  2. Leaders’ arrivals will be transmitted LIVE by HOST TV and seen LIVE in the IMC. The schedule will be shared on CCTV in the IMC as each arrival time is confirmed.

Coverage of bilateral meetings of the NATO Secretary General

  1. NATO arranges media Coverage of the bilateral events of the Secretary General by agreement with the other principals involved in the bilateral. Media interested in covering the Secretary General at these events should contact the NATO Press Office at the IMC.

Coverage of bilateral meetings between NAC leaders

  1. Delegations are expected to take the opportunity of the Summit to schedule bilateral meetings and in some cases they will permit some media Coverage of their own meetings. These bilateral meetings are not official Summit events and therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual delegation to decide on press access. Media wishing to cover any leader’s bilateral meeting scheduled should contact the press officers of that individual leader.

Press conferences in the IMC

  1. Host Nation makes a number of briefings rooms and pull aside rooms available to attending delegations in the IMC. Access to press conferences at the centre is normally open to all accredited media without restrictions but delegations might reserve the right to restrict access to their national media only. Similarly national delegations should be contacted about live retransmissions of their press conferences.

  2. All of the briefing rooms will be equipped with TV lighting and sound systems including connection points for sound recording, and several will be cabled to the Host TV Master Control. All of these rooms have Wi-Fi Coverage. Certain briefing rooms will have simultaneous interpretation equipment. Only national delegations may reserve these rooms. Press conference schedules will be displayed on CCTV. Press conferences in the Main Press Theatre will be shown live on CCTV.

Requests for interviews

  1. Requests for interviews with the Secretary General should be addressed well in advance to the NATO Spokesperson’s Office at

  2. Requests to interview other NAC leaders and representatives from Delegations should be directed to the leader’s and delegation’s press officers. Prior to the summit, the point of contact is the individual leader’s official press office.

  3. Closed-door pull aside rooms are available in the IMC. They will be provided with no equipment inside except furniture and basic lighting / electricity plugs. These rooms are intended for quiet interview or background-type discussions. Requests for bookings can be addressed to

Television studio

    1. A TV studio fully equipped and wired is available for interviews. The point of contact to book the interview and discuss technical arrangements is :

Public diplomacy events

  1. Various events will be organized by NATO Public Diplomacy Division together with the Host Nation. Contacts for details on schedule and agenda :

  2. To facilitate coverage of open-press events at the Young Atlanticist Summit, Host Nation Public Affairs staff will escort media to the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place at designated times on May 20 and 21. Additional information regarding coverage opportunities at the Young Atlanticist Summit will be available at the IMC Information Desk.

  3. Other public diplomacy events:

Contact details

IMC (from 18 May)
Information Desk: +1-312-808-2130
NATO Press Office: +1-312-808-2103
US / State Department Media Office: +1-312-808-2111

  1. Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.