Ministers focus on Defence Planning and hold nuclear consultations

  • 11 Jun. 2009 -
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  • Last updated: 11 Jun. 2009 19:13

The afternoon proceedings started with the Defence Planning Committee (DPC) session. Opening the meeting the Secretary General extended a particularly warm welcome to the Albanian and Croatian colleagues – representing two new member states for the first time at the ministerial level DPC. He also noted with satisfaction a presence of Minister Morin of France, reflecting a return of this founding-member Allied country to its full place in the NATO’s integrated structures.

From left to right: the Minister of Defence of Bulgaria Nickolay Tsonev, the Minister of Defence of Canada Peter Gordon McKay, the Minister of Defence of Croatia Branko Vukelić, the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic Martin Barták and the Minister of Defence of Denmark Søren Gade

Ministers adopted a report on the NATO Defence Review for 2008/9, which includes a set of recommendations for individual Allies and NATO as a whole. These focus on development and enhancement of modern military capabilities, indispensable for ensuring the ability to fulfil tasks associated with current and future operations.

They also discussed in depth challenges facing each Ally in providing an effective level of defence spending at a time of financial and resource constraints.

Ministers endorsed conclusions of a NATO Defence Planning Process review and tasked their speedy implementation. Recommended changes aim to harmonise different strands of defence planning in the Allied community.

Afterwards, members of the Nuclear Planning Group held consultations on key current issues related to the Alliance’s nuclear policy.