• 28 Sep. 1994 -
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  • Press Release (1994)082 082
  • Issued on 28 Sep. 1994
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Under NATO's Partnership for Peace the maritime forces
of ten NATO nations will join four Co-operation Partner
countries in Exercise COOPERATIVE VENTURE 94 from 28
September to 7 October 1994. The 10-day maritime
exercise is designed to familiarize maritime forces of
NATO and Co-operation Partners with each other and to
enhance their capability to work together in future
peace-keeping operations. This exercise will train
participating maritime elements in command and control,
tactics and basic maritime procedures. Planning has
also covered in detail environmental and safety issues.

NATO nations participating are Belgium, Canada, Denmark,
Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain,
United Kingdom and United States. Partner nations
participating are Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden.
Many other Allies and Partners will send observers to
the exercise. More than 15 ships will conduct peace-
keeping, humanitarian and search and rescue operations,
together with a number of maritime aircraft, in the
Skagerrak area of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea.

The planning and execution of Exercise COOPERATIVE
VENTURE 94 is overseen by the Supreme Allied
Commander Atlantic (SACLANT), Admiral Paul D. Miller
(USNA), Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, and conducted
by NATO's Commander-in-Chief Eastern Atlantic
(CINCEASTLANT), Admiral Sir Hugo White (UKNA) and his
staff in Northwood, United Kingdom, in co-ordination
with Allied Forces Northwest Europe in High Wycombe,
United Kingdom and Headquarters Allied Forces North
Europe in Norway. The commander at sea will be the
Commander Netherlands Task Group, Commodore G.G. Hooft,

A Command Information Bureau (CIB) will be established
at EASTLANT Headquarters, Northwood, UK, and a Press
Information Centre (PIC) at Stavanger, Norway, with a
satellite PIC at Kristiansand also in Norway, to provide
Public Information Services and to organize media

Chief Public Information SACLANT, Norfolk, Virginia, US,
tel: int'l-1-804-445 32 27/32 35; Chief Public
Information CINCEASTLANT, Northwood, UK, tel:
int'l-44-923-83 73 36/76 34.