NATO releases revised AI strategy

  • 10 Jul. 2024 -
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  • Last updated: 10 Jul. 2024 12:12

On Wednesday (10 July 2024), NATO released its revised artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, which aims to accelerate the use of AI technologies within NATO in a safe and responsible way.

AI or Artificial intelligence concept.

It builds on one published in 2021 and takes account of recent advances in AI technologies, such as generative AI, and AI-enabled information tools.

The strategy identifies several priorities, including: advancing the implementation of NATO’s Principles of Responsible Use; increasing interoperability between AI systems throughout the Alliance; the combination of AI with other emerging disruptive technologies; and expanding NATO’s AI ecosystem through closer cooperation with Allied industry and academia, NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator DIANA, the NATO Innovation Fund and like-minded partners.

For the first time, the strategy also identifies AI-enabled disinformation, information operations and gender-based violence as issues of concern for the Alliance, our societies and democracies.

Under the new AI strategy, NATO will work to protect against the adversarial use of AI, including through increased strategic foresight and analysis.

The summary of NATO’s Revised AI Strategy as available here.