Allied Chiefs of Defence meet with NATO Secretary General

  • 16 May. 2024 -
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  • Last updated: 16 May. 2024 12:41

Today, 16 May 2024, NATO’s highest Military Authority, the Military Committee, meets in Chiefs of Defence format at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The meeting will focus on strengthening the executability of the Alliance’s new defence plans and warfighting transformation to ensure Allies are fully prepared to face current and future threats.

Opening Remarks of the 191st Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session -16 May 2024 - Brussels

Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg jointly opened the meeting of the Military Committee.

In his opening remarks, the Secretary General conveyed that he was shocked and appalled by the shooting of Prime Minister Robert Fico. “This violates every idea of democracy. In democracies we can disagree, we can have different opinions, but violence is absolutely unacceptable.”

The Chair of the Military Committee marked the 813th day of Russia’s large-scale invasion in Ukraine. Admiral Bauer emphasised the urgency of continued Allied support to Ukraine. Alluding to the greater geostrategic impact of the war against Ukraine, Admiral Rob Bauer added: “The world is on a historical crossroads, not only between democracy and autocracy. This is very much also about impunity versus accountability.”

Admiral Bauer concluded his remarks in stating that the success of Exercise Steadfast Defender demonstrates that: “NATO is stronger and readier than it has ever been. And it’s growing stronger by the day. We have it within ourselves to build on the ground-breaking work that has already been done. The integration of NATO and national military planning will enable us to do exactly what the NATO flag symbolises: all Allies will follow the same compass.”

At 18h00 there will be a joint press conference by Admiral Bauer and Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Cavoli. The joint press conference will be livestreamed on the NATO website.