Experts discuss emerging challenges to NATO nuclear deterrence in Skopje

  • 23 Apr. 2024 -
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  • Last updated: 23 Apr. 2024 12:04

NATO’s annual Nuclear Policy Symposium got underway on Tuesday (23 April 2024). Representatives from NATO, Allied governments, and experts from academia are in Skopje, North Macedonia to discuss current nuclear policy issues.

“This year, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the strongest and most successful Alliance and we are proud to be part of this family,” said Slavjanka Petrovska, Minister of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia, in her opening remarks. “In that spirit, North Macedonia is pleased to be able to host, for the first time, the NATO Nuclear Policy Symposium.” 

NATO’s Director of Nuclear Policy Jim Stokes stressed that the anniversary provides Allies “with an occasion to reflect on the importance of nuclear deterrence as the foundation of the Alliance’s mutual security guarantee and collective defence.” Looking towards the Washington Summit and beyond, he added that “NATO and Allies will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the credibility, effectiveness, safety and security of the nuclear deterrence mission.”

Held annually since 1992, the main objective of the NATO Nuclear Policy Symposium is to foster a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental challenges to NATO nuclear deterrence. This year, experts will discuss issues ranging from escalation management, strategic communications, and emerging challenges for nuclear deterrence.