NATO agrees 2024 budgets, demonstrating Allied solidarity in addressing shared security challenges

  • 13 Dec. 2023 -
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  • Last updated: 13 Dec. 2023 13:33

Allies agreed NATO’s civil and military budgets for 2024 at a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Wednesday (13 December 2023). The civil budget is set at €438.1 million, and the military budget is set at €2.03 billion, representing a 18.2% and 12% increase respectively over 2023.

31 NATO Flags at NATO headquarters in Brussels

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană highlighted that increasing and broadening the use of NATO common funding allows Allies to more effectively address shared security challenges. “Common funding demonstrates Allied solidarity and collective will. In turbulent times, we need this more than ever,” he said.

At the Madrid Summit in 2022, Allies agreed to invest more together in NATO, in response to rising global competition and threats to Euro-Atlantic security caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. At the Vilnius Summit in 2023, NATO leaders took further steps to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence and committed to ensuring that these decisions are adequately resourced.  They reaffirmed their enduring commitment to a strong transatlantic bond, unity and cohesion at a critical time for global peace and security.

NATO’s civil budget provides funds for personnel, operating costs, and programme expenditures of NATO’s Headquarters and its international staff. The military budget covers the operating costs of NATO Command Structure headquarters, missions, and operations around the world. NATO’s third principal common funded element is the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP), which covers major construction, and command and control system investments. The 2024 ceiling for the NSIP is €1.3 billion, representing a 30% increase over 2023.

Common-funded budgets strengthen NATO, providing major capabilities, enabling deterrence, defence and interoperability, and supporting consultation and decision-making at the highest levels. NATO is committed to providing security in a way that is effective, transparent, and financially responsible.