Director General of the NATO International Military Staff: “Vision, agility and adaptability will lead to strategic victory”

  • 05 Dec. 2023 - 08 Dec. 2023
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  • Last updated: 08 Dec. 2023 13:05

From 5 to 8 December 2023, Lieutenant General Janusz Adamczak, Director General of the NATO International Military Staff (DGIMS), participated in Allied Command Transformation’s Allied Warfare Development Conference, hosted and led by General Philippe Lavigne, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) in Virginia, United States. This annual conference of Flag and General Officers, as well as Senior Civilian decision makers from NATO Nations, is designed to foster interaction and collaboration with NATO’s Allied Command Transformation and other senior NATO leaders involved with warfare development.

Allied Command Transformation’s Allied Warfare Development Conference

Under this year’s conference theme, “Shaping Today to Succeed Tomorrow”, the main topics of discussion were the Future Operating Environment, Cross-Domain Command and Control, and the challenges and changes associated with the NATO Defence Planning Process and capacity building.

Invited to the main stage by General Lavigne, SACT, Lieutenant General Adamczak delivered his keynote speech emphasising the importance of NATO’s warfare development activities, next generation command and control, and preparing for a future high intensity conflict with a peer adversary. “Future military operations will, undoubtedly, be multi-domain by nature. They will require an increased interoperability to support manoeuver plans capable of delivering an incredible combination of mutually contributing effects”.

The Director General of the International Military Staff went on to say, “Only the seamless combination of preparing for both the challenges and threats of today and tomorrow will build the continuum NATO needs to keep-up with an ever evolving security environment. And for that, nothing is truer than General Lavigne’s motto: ‘we must win as a team’.”