NATO Secretary General takes part in the FT’s Global Boardroom event

(digital conference)

  • 07 Dec. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 07 Dec. 2022 09:24

On 07 December 2022 the NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, will participate in the sixth edition of the FT’s Global Boardroom event, which is focused on strategies for a new geopolitical and economic reality. The Secretary General will have a live virtual keynote interview with Ms. Roula Khalaf, the Editor of the Financial Times, from 09:30am (CET).

More information about the event is available here. The Secretary General’s interview can be viewed freely and live on the Global Boardroom’s website, as well as on Twitter.

          Media Coverage

  • A recording of the Secretary General’s engagement will be available on the NATO website after the event, together with a transcript of his remarks.
  • The interview will be recorded and will also be hosted on demand for 90 days on the Global Boardroom website.

Contact the NATO Press Office.

Follow us on Twitter (@NATO@jensstoltenberg and @NATOPress). The hashtag for this event is #FTGlobalBoardroom.