Deputy Secretary General: NATO and the transatlantic bond ''indispensable'' for our security

  • 24 Nov. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 24 Nov. 2022 12:55

Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană stressed the importance of Europe and North America standing strong together in NATO in remarks delivered online to the Athens Security Forum on Thursday (24 November 2022). He stressed that the dramatic transformation of European security caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine has demonstrated the “indispensable role of NATO as the real guarantee for European security, and the need for the transatlantic bond”.

Mr Geoană explained how NATO has been responding to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, emphasising that “NATO will stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes and defend every allied inch of territory”. Through dangerous nuclear sabre-rattling, and the weaponisation of food, energy and other critical commodities, Russia “is attempting to intimidate us and jeopardise our security and our resolve in helping Ukraine,” he said, adding: “they will not succeed.”

The Deputy Secretary General also underlined the strategic importance of Western Balkans, noting that the foreign ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Moldova, and Georgia will take part in the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers next week in Bucharest. Mr. Geoană said that he hoped for continuous progress on their Euro-Atlantic path.

The Athens Security Forum brought together around 200 participants, including students, academics and military representatives to discuss European security amidst the war in Ukraine.