The 52nd NATO Defense College Academic Advisory Board meeting

  • 24 Nov. 2022 - 25 Nov. 2022
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  • Last updated: 25 Nov. 2022 15:21

On 24-25 November 2022, the NATO Defense College Academic Advisory Board convened its 52nd annual meeting, in Rome, Italy. The Board aims to advise the Commandant on ways in which to improve the academic, research and outreach activities of the College, to enhance links with NATO HQ and Allied Command Transformation, and to ensure that NDC outreach strategies contribute to those of the Alliance.

The 52ND NATO Defense College Academic Advisory Board meeting

In his role of Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer presides over the NATO Defense College Academic Advisory Board (AAB), which plays a fundamental role in support of the NDC’s commitments. Opening the meeting, Admiral Bauer reiterated the objectives of the Board, especially to advise the Commandant on ways to improve the College’s activities as well as provide direction and guidance for its engagements and its research work plan.

The Board received an update from the NDC Research Division, which provides NATO's senior leaders with sound and timely analyses and recommendations on issues pertinent to the Alliance. 

Admiral Bauer highlighted the significant role the NDC plays in the education of NATO’s future leaders, be it military or civilian, while underlining the importance of remaining relevant. “The new security environment requires the NDC’s curriculum to be flexible and reflect a whole-of-government, and even a whole-of-society approach. Now, very much like the Alliance, we need to make sure that the College remains fit-for-our pose and responsive to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges”, he added. 

The Chair continued by reiterating his conviction for life-long education, “I am a firm believer that education and learning are something that should be continued throughout our lifetime and there is always more to learn”.

Admiral Bauer pursued his programme at the NDC with a lecture to the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course on the “New Strategic Concept and the Alliance’s Answer to Current and Future Challenges”. Participants included military and civilians representatives from 34 NATO and Partner Nations. “Together, NATO Allies and Partners have learned that what unites us is far bigger than what divides us. We have built our diversity into our biggest strength. We see together what we cannot see alone. We do together what we cannot do alone”, he concluded.