IBAN holds a virtual meeting about its Annual Activity Report 2021 with the national representatives of the Competent National Audit Bodies on 22 June 2022

  • 22 Jun. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 07 Jul. 2022 13:41

The International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN) held a virtual meeting on 22 June 2022 with the national representatives of the Competent National Audit Bodies (CNABs) to discuss the IBAN 2021 Annual Activity Report, as well as audit issues of mutual interest. Representatives from CNABs of 28 of the 30 NATO member states were able to participate in the virtual meeting and provided comments on the 2021 Annual Activity Report.

From left to right : Dr Daniela Morgante, IBAN Chair, Mr Radek Visinger, Board Member, Mr Amipal Manchanda, Board Member

Each year IBAN issues an Annual Activity Report on its audit work, key performance indicators, and usage of its human and financial resources of the previous year to the North Atlantic Council (NAC). The Annual Activity Report is sent to the CNABs in advance of the CNAB Meeting where the report is discussed.  The comments of the CNABs are summarised and sent to the NAC with IBAN’s Annual Activity Report. Once the IBAN’s Annual Activity Report is noted by the NAC and approved for public disclosure, it is published online on IBAN’s website. 

IBAN explained

IBAN is the independent, external audit body for NATO that executes its audit mandate from a NAC approved Charter.  IBAN is composed of six independent Board Members appointed by the NAC from candidates nominated by the member states. They are high-ranking officials of their national audit bodies or national administrations.

IBAN’s function is to provide assurance and advice to the North Atlantic Council and, through their Permanent Representatives, to the Governments of member countries, through its audits.  IBAN’s audits are undertaken in accordance with the principles of the auditing standards of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).

IBAN audits the financial statements of all NATO Reporting Entities and the expenditures incurred by member countries or NATO bodies in respect of the NATO Security Investment Programme. It also audits the performance of NATO activities, operations, and programmes in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and economy. In addition, the NAC may task IBAN to audit other non-NATO multinational entities in which NATO has a particular interest. Special reports to the NAC can be issued by IBAN on any relevant matters it considers to be worthy of attention.

Accountability and transparency to external stakeholders is a core value of NATO and unclassified IBAN reports are disclosed to the public in accordance with a NAC-agreed policy.