NATO gears up for Madrid Summit

  • 28 Jun. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 28 Jun. 2022 14:06

NATO leaders meeting in Madrid over the next three days (28-30 June 2022) are set to sign off on key decisions, including a new Strategic Concept, a major strengthening of NATO’s deterrence and defence and greater support to Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters ahead of a summit, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that NATO will enhance its battlegroups in the eastern part of the alliance up to brigade levels.  Allied heads of state and government will also approve plans to enhance NATO high-readiness forces to more than 300,000 troops, with forces pre-assigned to specific locations. More heavy weapons, logistics and command-and control assets will be pre-positioned.

In Madrid, Allies will also approve a new Strategic Concept, setting out the Alliance’s priorities and approaches for the next decade. The document is expected to make clear that Allies consider Russia as the most significant and direct threat to NATO”s security, while addressing China for the first time and the challenges that Beijing poses toward Allied security, interests and values.

The Summit will also decide on a more comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine. Looking to the future, leaders will take decisions to launch a one-billion-euro Innovation Fund to invest in emerging technologies. On climate change, Allies will agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions for NATO as an organisation. The leaders of Georgia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, and Ukrainian president Zelenskyy via video link will join the Summit.

Tuesday afternoon, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg will host President Erdoğan, President Niinisto, and Prime Minister Andersson to discuss how to make progress on the NATO application of Finland and Sweden.