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Extraordinary NATO Summit, Brussels - 24 March 2022

  • 24 Mar. 2022 - 24 Mar. 2022
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  • Last updated: 24 Mar. 2022 14:55



Accreditation and access

  1. Accreditation is now closed.
  2. The Summit accreditation badge will allow media to come to NATO HQ on the day before the Summit and the day of the Summit (23 and 24 March). Other types of accreditation, including annual NATO accreditation, will not give access to the NATO premises on those days.
  3. On Wednesday (23 March), journalists who have received confirmation of their accreditation by email can pick up their badge at NATO HQ, South Entrance (Boulevard Leopold III, 1110). The Accreditation Office will be open between 09:00 and 16:30. Journalists can access the premises as usual and park at the Visitors' Parking.
  4. On the Summit day (24 March), access to NATO HQ will be possible only via the Accreditation Office situated at the Belgian Military Queen Elisabeth Headquarters, 1 Rue Evere, 1140 (outside the NATO HQ). The Accreditation Office will be open between 05:00 and 15:00.
  5. A shuttle bus service will bring journalists from the Accreditation Office to NATO HQ on 24 March. Please wear a mask on the bus. There is no other way to come to NATO HQ on that day. Parking will be possible at the Accreditation Office.
  6. The shuttle bus service will operate between the Accreditation Office and NATO HQ for the duration of media operations at NATO on Thursday.
  7. Passes must be visible at all times, and security personnel may ask to see another form of ID. Security personnel will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the site. Please arrive with sufficient lead-time to clear security checks.
Opening Hours Accreditation Office
Wednesday 23 March
9:00 – 16:30
NATO HQ South Entrance (Blvd Leopold III 1110)
Thursday 24 March
5:00 – 15:00
Belgian Military Queen Elisabeth Headquarters, 1 Rue Evere, 1140 (outside the NATO HQ).


Map - Access accreditation office

Media map


Contacts and updates

  1. Please contact The NATO Press Office for any questions. You can reach us on MOC[at] or +32 2 707 5041.
  2. For questions related to logistics and the media facilities, you can contact Natomediaoperations[at]
  3. For TV and radio arrangements on site and via satellite, and for stand ups please contact broadcastoperations[at]
  4. The Summit's media programme, updates and announcements will be available on the NATO website. (Subscribe to NATO's media advisories).
  5. On the NATO website, you can also follow live the public events of the Summit, including doorsteps and the Secretary General's press conferences on 23 and 24 March.  Transcripts of the Secretary General's press events will be published on the website as well.


  1. The Media centre is located in the NATO HQ, Public Square. It includes standard facilities:
    • general working area for press
    • TV and radio working areas
    • briefing rooms of different sizes and set-up
    • outdoor and indoor stand up positions
    • TV studio
  2. Space in the general working area does not need to be booked. However, spaces in the editing area and outdoor stand-ups need to be booked in advance at broadcastoperations[at]
  3. Wi-Fi and wired internet, video and audio distribution points and standard European electrical outlets will be available at the media centre. Please use the 'PRESS' wireless network.
  4. Pool positions will have cell phone connectivity and, in many cases, Wi-Fi as well.
  5. TV screens throughout the Media Centre will show up-to-date programme information, scheduled news conferences and press briefings, and live/recorded television feeds.
  6. It's not possible to bring satellite vans to NATO HQ on this occasion.
  7. The Media centre will be open and accessible for press as follows:
Opening Hours Media centre
Wednesday 23 March
8:30 – Midnight
Direct access via the NATO HQ South Entrance (Blvd Leopold III 1110)
Thursday 24 March
5:00 – Midnight
Only via shuttle bus through the Accreditation Office - Belgian Military Queen Elisabeth Headquarters, 1 Rue Evere, 1140 (outside the NATO HQ).


Stand-up positions

  1. Stand-up positions will be available in the flag area in front of NATO HQ, with access to electricity and internet. For booking please contact broadcastoperations[at] Access to that area will be limited during the leaders' arrivals (08:00-10:00). During that time, the stand-up positions can be reached by walking with the doorstep pools (leaving every 20 minutes from the pool meeting point on the ground floor of the Public Square).
  2. Several outdoor positions for informal, stand-up engagements with leaders will be available outside the Public Square (next to the 9/11 and Berlin Wall monuments). No facilities will be available at these locations; they will be open for use mainly for engagements with Leaders.
  3. Indoor stand-up positions will be available on the first floor of the Media Centre, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Media coverage and pools

  1. Media access to summit events will be restricted to limited pools. The following events will be subject of pooled media access:
    1. Arrivals (photographers only – by invitation)
    2. Doorsteps (by invitation – with rotation)
    3. Official photo (photographers/cameramen only)
    4. Public opening remarks (photographers/cameramen only)
  2. Please note that pools c. and d. are mutually exclusive and cannot be covered by the same photographers / videographers.
  3. Pool cards will be distributed on Wednesday 23 March at the Information Desk of the Media Centre, between 15:00 and 17:00.
  4. NATO staff will manage the movement of journalists to and from pooled events. All pools movements will start from the same meeting point: NATO Public Square ground floor, next to the NATO Pharmacy.
  5. Journalists who accept pool spots agree to share their photos and video in line with the rules described in p.9-11 here.


  1. The Leaders' doorsteps will take place at the NATO HQ Official Entrance from 08:00 to 10:00. Access will be in rotating pools.
  2. Leaders' arrivals and doorsteps will be shown live on the NATO website and on CCTV in the Media Centre.
  3. A recording of the doorsteps will be available afterwards on the NATO multimedia platform (see p.33).


  1. All summit media events will be broadcast live by the Host TV to the media centre, online on the NATO website, and via satellite. Live satellite feeds of the main media events will be provided by NATO free of charge without encryption or downlink charges. More details... 
  2. NATO photographers will cover all pooled events. Photos will be available on the NATO website.
  3. B-roll will be uploaded on NATO's multimedia platform New users need to register platform beforehand. As every registration needs to be validated, you are strongly advised to register in advance. Point of contact: content[at]  

National delegations

  1. For information on the press engagements of individual leaders, and to request cover of bilateral meetings, please contact the national press officers. A list will be available on Wednesday through the NATO Press Office.


  1. Journalists must comply with the security rules in place at NATO HQ and follow any instructions received from NATO staff and security guards.
  2. Filming and recording are allowed in the Public Square area and the outdoor stand-up positions (near the monuments and in the NATO flag area). It is prohibited to film or photograph security installations and NATO staff. Filming, photographing or recording from the Public Square into the Agora is not permitted.


  1. Media will have access to the NATO HQ catering facilities, located in the Public Square. Credit and debit cards are accepted. Catering facilities will be open as follows: 
  • Snacks, coffee (Starbucks – Public Square ground floor):
    • 23 March – 8:00 – 20:30
    • 24 March – 5:30 – 22:00
    • Vending machine with snacks and drinks is available 24/7 on both days
  • Hot meals: Cafeteria (Public Square ground floor) will be open from 11:00 to 14:00.