Future-proofing the NATO Alliance

  • 04 Feb. 2022 -
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  • Last updated: 04 Feb. 2022 16:53

Today (4 February 2022), NATO Deputy Secretary General, Mircea Geoană spoke about the threats facing NATO and what we can do to future-proof our Alliance.

The coming decade will be dominated by the need to combat hybrid and cyber threats, increase the resilience of our societies, and address the security impact of climate change. 

The NATO Deputy spoke of how this seminar, one of a series of four in the run up to the NATO Summit in June, will help sharpen our strategic thinking and inform the development of NATO’s Strategic Concept, our vision for the coming decade and beyond.

Today’s seminar, ‘Future Proofing the Alliance: New and Emerging Challenges and Principles for NATO's Future Adaptation’, is hosted by the United States Ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith.