NATO’s 2021 honey harvest

  • 20 Dec. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 20 Dec. 2021 15:08

Since April 2020, NATO Headquarters in Brussels has been home to three beehives. In 2020, they produced 25 kg of natural honey. Even though 2021 was a difficult year for honey production in Belgium, it turned out to be a surprisingly productive one for the NATO bees. About 60 kilos of high quality honey was harvested on the NATO HQ site, which was rated the ''Best site for Production'' by the beekeeper, Made in Abeilles.

The bulk of the production, 350 jars, was sold at the NATO Charity Bazaar in November. The proceeds from the honey sale were added to the overall funds raised at the Bazaar this year, which will benefit the 34 Belgian & international projects approved for funding in 2021.

Following last year’s tradition, the Secretary General gave ambassadors in the North Atlantic Council a jar of NATO-made honey each on 15 December 2021.  Aramark, NATO’s catering service provider, also bought jars to use the honey as an ingredient for dishes in NATO’s cafeteria. 

The welfare of bees is closely linked to sustainability and the protection of our natural habitats and eco-systems. In August, a honey harvesting workshop was organized at NATO HQ. More workshops and information sessions will follow to allow people to find out more about the bees and their contribution to sustainable future.