Podcast series launched on NATO’s role in the fight against terrorism

  • 22 Nov. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 22 Nov. 2021 12:21

NATO’s Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) eAcademy has recently launched its first-ever podcast series called “DEEP Dive”.

In each episode, the show’s host, Dr. Sajjan Gohel, Chairman of DEEP’s Counter-Terrorism Advisory Group and academic project lead for NATO’s first ever Counter-Terrorism Reference Curriculum, interviews practitioners and experts in the fields of counter-terrorism, geopolitical current events, and international security and defence. Guests include individuals from a range of different spheres of experience, including journalists, activists, academics, and policymakers. The aim is to offer comprehensive perspectives and insights into the most urgent topics facing our world at present. All episodes also have full transcripts that can act as primary resource tool for Professional Military Education.

Reflecting on the goal of the podcast series, Dr. Gohel commented “Using the iceberg analogy, there are some aspects of international security that are visible, above the water, but there is a larger dynamic hidden beneath the surface. Therefore, it's only when we delve deeper, by having a dialogue with people who have a wealth of ground experience and knowledge that we can actually get a full grasp of connecting events unfolding around the world.”

DEEP Dive also symbolises NATO’s enduring principles of cross-cutting collaboration and cooperation with a number of actors and entities dealing with counter-terrorism. According to the DEEP Coordinator Mariusz Solis, “The DEEP Dive format can provide unique insight on the international security and defence environment, and in so doing enhance our collective understanding of key global challenges.”

The podcast is available across major streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. Episode 1 interviewed critically acclaimed journalist Tim Marshall, who is the author of numerous books including the bestselling Prisoners of Geography and The Power of Geography. Tim and Sajjan talk about what lies ahead for the Indo-Pacific region, the increasing significance of maritime security and the Quad alliance, and the future of Afghanistan under the Taliban. Episode 2’s guest is Neil Basu, the Assistant Commissioner for the British Metropolitan Police, who has served as the head of Specialist Operations for the United Kingdom’s law enforcement agencies. Neil and Sajjan look at how policing has evolved in terms of operations and recruitment, as well as the prevalent terrorist threats facing the United Kingdom, the pandemic’s impact on counter-terrorism, and potential, future counter-terrorism outlook in and around Afghanistan.

DEEP Dive is available at: https://deepportal.hq.nato.int/eacademy/deep-dive-podcasts/