NATO strengthens cooperation between intelligence and security community and Centres of Excellence

  • 24 Jun. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 25 Jun. 2021 15:25

Today, (24 June 2021), Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence Major General Jürgen Brötz hosted the second annual meeting between intelligence and security related Centres of Excellence (COEs) and NATO’s intelligence and security community. They discussed strengthening cooperation, with a focus on education and training opportunities. The online meeting contributed to the further strengthening of mutual understanding and awareness, as well as to identifying areas where the thirteen invited COEs could assist NATO’s intelligence and security efforts on matters of common interest.

The decisions taken by Allied leaders at last week’s NATO Summit formed the backdrop of this year’s meeting. NATO leaders welcomed the continuous progress in developing an enhanced NATO intelligence enterprise, which can provide timely and relevant support to Allied operations and decision-making in facing current and future security challenges.  In his opening remarks, Major General Jürgen Brötz highlighted: “The ambitious forward-looking agenda agreed by NATO leaders last week is exactly about how to continue to adapt NATO. As the Secretary General stressed, NATO will remain the most successful alliance in history thanks to its capacity to adapt to an ever-changing world. And this is especially true for intelligence and security challenges. COEs as hubs of innovation and expertise have an important part to play in this overall strive to make our Alliance ‘future-proof’. Through tailored subject matter expertise, COEs deliver innovative ideas. This makes them critical actors in bridging the current and future posture of Alliance.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence Major General Jürgen Brötz was joined by Major General Guillermo Cavo, Deputy Chief of Staff for Joint Force Development at Allied Command Transformation (ACT), and Gordon B. “Skip” Davis Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment. The meeting was also attended by representatives from the European Union.