NATO Secretary General: Summit will be pivotal moment

  • 11 Jun. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 11 Jun. 2021 15:42

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg previewed the 14 June NATO Summit in an online press conference on Friday (11 June 2021), calling the gathering of 30 world leaders a “pivotal moment for our Alliance and for our collective security”.

Describing a world of growing global competition, he said that the NATO 2030 reform initiative will be at the heart of the Summit, calling it an “ambitious transatlantic agenda for security and defence.” Mr Stoltenberg laid out a number of key decision areas for the Summit, including strengthening political consultations, reinforcing collective defence and enhancing resilience for infrastructure and supply chains.

The Secretary General also outlined plans to set up new centres to foster greater technology cooperation among Allies, underpinned with by a new Innovation Fund to support start-ups. Also on the agenda are efforts to uphold the rules-based international order, including by deepening partnerships and plans to step up training and capacity-building for partners.
Mr Stoltenberg further explained that NATO must address the security consequences of climate change, including by reducing military emissions. Leaders will also agree a new cyber defence policy – the first in seven years - and agree to develop NATO’s next Strategic Concept, he said.

Afghanistan, Russia and support for Ukraine and Georgia will also feature in the day-long event. “NATO is the most successful alliance in history, because for more than seventy years, we have changed as the world changes”, the Secretary General said.  “At our Summit on Monday, we will have far-ranging discussions, and take substantial decisions to make our strong Alliance even stronger and keep our one billion people safe”.