Poland joins NATO assurance mission for Turkey

  • 20 Apr. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 20 Apr. 2021 19:00

Poland deployed a contingent of troops to Turkey on Tuesday (20 April 2021), in support of NATO measures to bolster security in the southeast of the Alliance. The long-planned deployment will involve up to 80 personnel, supporting Turkey with maritime patrols over the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea with a Polish M28 "Bryza" aircraft. The mission will also work alongside NATO's naval groups in the region.

Photo: Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland

NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu welcomed the move, saying: "Poland's deployment in support of Turkey demonstrates NATO solidarity in action. These maritime patrols will help to increase the Alliance's situational awareness in the region, and enhance our shared security." 
Allies agreed on a package of tailored assurance measures for Turkey in 2015, to help Turkey respond to a volatile security environment. These measures include an increased presence of AWACS surveillance aircraft in the region; increased maritime activities in the eastern Mediterranean; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance activities, and information sharing.

Read the press release by the Polish Ministry of Defence here