NATO Foreign Ministers exchange views on the NATO 2030 agenda, Afghanistan, and security across the Middle Eastern and North African region

  • 23 Mar. 2021 -
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  • Last updated: 23 Mar. 2021 18:03

Today (23 March 2021), Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg summarized the conclusions of the first day of meetings of NATO Foreign Ministers at NATO Headquarters.

View of the room

Ministers have had a very positive discussion on our NATO 2030 initiative. This is all about how NATO can continue to adapt to a rapidly changing security environment, with rising threats and systemic competition, major shifts in the global balance of power and increasing challenges to the rules based international order,” Mr. Stoltenberg said. “We all agree that the transatlantic relationship, embodied by NATO, remains the cornerstone of our collective defence, central to our political cohesion, and an essential pillar to the rules-based order,” he pointed out.

On Afghanistan, “Ministers emphasized their full support to all efforts to reinvigorate the peace process, because a negotiated solution is the only way to achieve a sustainable peace, which prevents Afghanistan from again becoming a platform for international terrorism,” the NATO Secretary General highlighted. “We will continue to consult very closely in the days and weeks to come, and we continue to decide and act together, as Allies,” he added.

Finally, Ministers had an exchange on the Middle East and North Africa, including NATO Mission Iraq. They restressed the importance to reinforce NATO’s partnerships in the region.

Read the Secretary General's press conference here.