NATO Chiefs of Defence elect next Chairman of the Military Committee - Admiral Rob Bauer of the Netherlands Armed Forces

  • 09 Oct. 2020 -
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  • Last updated: 09 Oct. 2020 15:07

Allied Chiefs of Defence today, 9 October 2020, elected Admiral Rob Bauer, Chief of Defence of the Netherlands Armed Forces to be the next Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, the senior military adviser to the Secretary General. Admiral Bauer will take up the position following the end of Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach’s tenure in June 2021.

Kerstreis van Commandant der Strijdkrachten admiraal Bauer en PC-KMar genmaj Peperkoorn naar de Nederlandse eenheden in Jordanie (TFME) en Afghanistan (RS)..Foto: Portret van Admiraal Bauer.

Air Chief Marshal Peach welcomed the election of Admiral Bauer. He said “Congratulations to Admiral Bauer, Rob. He will be an excellent Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. His strong leadership of the Netherlands Armed Forces and his clear advice and guidance during our Military Committee meetings are demonstrations of his commitment and capabilities. I could not be handing over the Chair to a more suitable candidate.”

Speaking following his election, Admiral Bauer said, “I consider it an immense honour that I have been chosen to be the next Chairman of the Military Committee. I am excited to take on this challenge at such an important time for NATO. In this time of increasingly complex security threats and challenges, we need to preserve cohesion within the alliance. We need to ensure NATO’s responsiveness, readiness and reinforcement”.

He went on to stress, “As Chairman of the Military Committee, I will strive to keep together north, south, east and west, large and small; while following a 360-degree approach to deter all potential threats and defend allies against any adversary”.

The Chair of the NATO Military Committee is traditionally a former Chief of Defence of a NATO allied member. The position of Chairman is normally held for a period of three years. The Chiefs of Defence, in a closed meeting, elect their Chairman from the candidates put forward by Allies.

The position of Chairman of the Military Committee has been held so far by 19 officers (counting from 1963) from the following Nations: Germany (five times); the United Kingdom (four times); Canada, Italy and Norway (twice); Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands (once).