Alliance’s future innovation priorities discussed at high-level meeting

  • 01 Oct. 2020 -
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  • Last updated: 29 Sep. 2020 09:51

The Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies held its first meeting with NATO’s Innovation Board on Monday (28 September 2020). The group of 12 external experts presented their recommendations on innovative technologies that NATO should be pursuing as a priority. The experts focused on particular technology areas, such as data as a strategic resource and quantum technologies. The group suggested among others to reconsider how NATO engages with the non-defence private sector and underlined the importance of developing strong ethical principles.

“The way we tackle and adopt emerging and disruptive technologies will be crucial for the future of our Alliance”, said Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana, who chairs the Innovation Board. “The combination of coherent internal coordination and outside expertise is crucial to driving the Innovation agenda forward. This joint meeting brings these two strands together,” he pointed out.

The Innovation Board brings together NATO’s Senior Level Leadership to coordinate innovation efforts, identify roadblocks and drive practical solutions forward. The Board is an essential part of NATO’s strategic response to the opportunities and challenges created by emerging and disruptive technologies such as AI, Autonomy or Biotechnologies.

The Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies is composed of 12 individuals from Allied nations from academia and industry. The group, which was announced in July this year, will provide outside expertise to NATO’s innovation efforts and challenge existing approaches.

The recommendations will be taken forward by NATO’s International Staff, in close consultation with the external advisors.