НАТО і Австралія обговорюють співпрацю в сфері кіберзахисту

  • 27 Nov. 2019 -
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  • Last updated 06-Dec-2019 11:15

Члени Альянсу і посол Австралії з кіберзахисту д-р Тобіас Фікін, 29 листопада, під час засідання Комітету з кіберзахисту в штаб-квартирі НАТО, обмінялися думками щодо мінливого ландшафту кіберзагроз і шляхи протидії йому.

Chairing the meeting, the Head of the Emerging Security Challenges Division’s Cyber Defense Section, Christian Liflander, stressed that “addressing cyber threats is a global challenge and Australia represents a vital link to the Asia Pacific region.”

Allies recognized the essential role Australia plays in supporting a norms based, predictable and secure cyberspace. During his briefing, Ambassador Feakin elaborated on Australia’s approach to protecting critical technology , its approach to calling out malicious cyber behavior by states as well as capacity building initiatives in the region.

NATO works with a number of partner countries to enhance international security. This is based on shared values and common approaches to cyber defence. Ambassador Feakin’s visit follows discussions between the NATO Secretary General and the Australian Foreign Minister in Canberra this summer which highlighted the importance of close co-ordination in cyber defence.