NATO and Japan intensify dialogue on cyber defence

  • 09 Oct. 2019 -
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  • Last updated: 09 Oct. 2019 14:20

NATO and Japan held cyber defence staff talks this week to assess current cyber threats and policy developments.

“Cyber threats are becoming more complex, destructive, and coercive. Their enduring and evolving nature demands that we continue to adapt and respond appropriately. To adapt to this quickly changing environment, NATO must leverage our unique network of Allies, partner countries and organizations,” said Christian Liflander, Head of the Cyber Defence Section at NATO Headquarters.  

Officials compared notes on current efforts by NATO and Japan to become more resilient to cyber attacks. Another focus was on working together to support a norms-based, predictable, and secure cyberspace. 

“As indicated in Japan’s new National Defense Program Guidelines, we give priority to strengthening our cyber defence capability. With the risks surrounding the cyber domain becoming more challenging these days, it is necessary to effectively cooperate with other like-minded countries to take prompt and appropriate actions against cyberattacks, and I believe that strengthening Japan-NATO cooperation in the cyber domain will contribute to such efforts.” said Kyosuke Matsumoto, Director of Strategic Planning Division at Ministry of Defence, Japan.

NATO works with a number of partner countries to enhance international security. This is based on shared values and common approaches to cyber defence.

Following the staff talks in Tokyo, NATO representatives also engaged with academia and industry. Mr Liflander opened “CYDEF 2019”, a conference funded by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, focusing on effective cooperation between cyber defence stakeholders as well as the use of emerging technologies for cyber defence.