Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee attends IDEX 2019

  • 16 Feb. 2019 - 17 Feb. 2019
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  • Last updated: 18 Feb. 2019 11:02

From 16 to 17 February 2019, the Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Lieutenant General Steven Shepro attended the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Attending the Intentional Defence Conference was an opportunity for Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Lieutenant General Steven Shepro to participate in a panel discussion focused on “Security and Stability: Next Generation Stabilization and Reconstruction Missions”. During his remarks, Lieutenant General Shepro stated,

NATO is not just concerned about what occurs within its borders but what is happening beyond its borders. The complexity and volatility of the global security environment makes it difficult to predict the challenges ahead. We need partners to address these complex challenges and this requires trust.

“It is also important that we listen to each other. We need to work and train together to increase interoperability as well as coordinate strategic communication.”

NATO and the United Arab Emirates partnership has grown in strength over the last fifteen years. While visiting Abu Dhabi, Lt Gen Shepro took the opportunity to meet with senior government and military officials to discuss areas of mutual cooperation such as crisis management, civil emergency planning, capacity building, counter-terrorism, education and training.

The Deputy Chairman met with Cabinet Member and Minister of Defence, his Excellency Mohammed bin Ahmad al Bawardi, Major General Falah Al Qahtani, the Assistant Undersecretary for Policy and Strategic Affairs, and Brigadier General Hamdan Ahmad Hamdan Al Zeyoudi, Deputy Commander Joint Operations Command. The Deputy Chairman expressed NATO’s gratitude for the support United Arab Emirates has shown to NATO-led operations around the world. Lt Gen Shepro stressed,

The UAE is one of NATO’s most active partners in the framework of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative. The practical cooperation developed together helps NATO project security and stability abroad. The Alliance recognises that the security and stability of the Gulf region and of the Euro-Atlantic area are inextricably linked, NATO and the United Arab Emirates share the same aspirations for peace and stability in region and beyond’.

During IDEX19, Lieutenant General Shepro also interacted with leading aeronautical companies, exchanging views on developing technologies and NATO requirements. Lieutenant General Shepro underscored the important partnership NATO has with the Industry and academia to keep pace with technological advances through innovation.

Advancements in technology overall are now driven by the commercial sector which exceeds military investments in research and development. We need close relationships with industry so we can rapidly adapt to emerging challenges across all domains, so that we can deter and defend against the all”, stressed the general.