NATO Chiefs of Defence focus on NATO’s Readiness and its Deterrence and Defence Posture

  • 15 Jan. 2019 - 16 Jan. 2019
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  • Last updated: 24 Jan. 2019 11:59

The NATO Chiefs of Defence concluded their two-day meeting focused on NATO’s Military Strategy, the Alliance’s Readiness and Deterrence as well as on the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, the Western Balkans, NATO- Georgia relations, and Alliance Strategic Developments and Warfare Development.

On Tuesday 15 January, the NATO Chiefs of Defence dedicated the first series of sessions to discussing the current and future strategic challenges faced by the Alliance and assessing the status of ongoing measures, such as the development of the Military Strategy, the implementation of NATO Command Structure Adaptation and the Alliance’s Readiness Initiative. The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach stressed the importance of continuing to ensure that “the Alliance’s deterrence and defence posture remains credible, coherent, and resilient, it is of strategic importance to increase our responsiveness, heighten readiness and improve reinforcement”.

Later on Tuesday, the Allied Chiefs of Defence welcomed NATO’s Resolute Support Mission Operational Partners for a session focused on the current military and political situation and NATO’s future engagement in Afghanistan. Air Chief Marshal Peach underscored that NATO’s commitment to Afghanistan is unwavering. He added that “the security situation remains extremely challenging. Nevertheless, the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces are working hard to secure their country and deny a safe haven to terrorists”.

The last session of the day was devoted to Pakistan. The 29 Chiefs of Defence received a briefing from their Pakistani colleague, General Zubair Mahmood Hayat and discussed potential further cooperation between the Alliance and Pakistan. The Chairman thanked Pakistan for its commitment and support to reconciliation in Afghanistan and acknowledged its continued support to facilitate NATO’s logistical supply lines for its Resolute Support Mission.

Wednesday 16 January started with a discussion led by NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General André Lanata on warfare development, the delivery of Common Funded Capabilities and the impact of new technologies, especially disruptive technologies, on the planning and execution of future Operations, Missions and Activities.

Chiefs of Defence then met with the Georgian Chief of Defence, Major General Vladimer Chachibaia who provided an update on the security situation in and around the country, the strengthening of its institutions, ongoing defence reforms and the implementation of the Substantial NATO-Georgia package,

The Chiefs of Defence concluded the two-day meeting with a session on the Western Balkans, agreeing that NATO and the Western Balkans share a common interest in regional stability and defeating terrorism.