Lieutenant General Hans-Werner Wiermann to become next Director General of the NATO International Military Staff

  • 29 Sep. 2018 -
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  • Last updated: 16 Oct. 2018 14:54

The Allied Chiefs of Defence have elected Lieutenant General Hans-W. Wiermann of the German Armed Forces to be the next Director of the NATO International Military Staff (DGIMS). The DGIMS is nominated by the NATO Chiefs of Defence to head the Alliance’s International Military Staff for a term of three years. Lieutenant General Wiermann will take up the position in the summer of 2019 when Lieutenant General Jan Broeks’ tenure ends.

The Director General of the International Military Staff is responsible for the coordination between the decision-making bodies of the Alliance, the two Strategic Commanders, national military delegations from NATO and Partner countries working in Brussels, and the civilian International Staff that support the Secretary General and the North Atlantic Committee (NAC), in order to provide the best possible policy advice to the Military Committee.

Lieutenant General Wiermann has been the German Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee since August 2015. Lieutenant General Wiermann is also currently Dean of the Committee.

I am very appreciative for all the support I received for my nomination as Director General of the International Military Staff (DGIMS). I feel honoured by the credit I got from Allied Chiefs of Defence representing their nations in NATO’s Military Committee. I look forward to meet the challenges characterising this prominent position and will work hard to fulfil expectations”, said Lieutenant General Wiermann.

I am delighted that my good friend Hans Werner has been elected as the next Director General of the International Military Staff. I am certain that Hans Werner will make an excellent Director General as he has all the attributes, background and skills required for success in the position. There will be challenging times but I am in no doubt that he will achieve his mandate as he will be supported by the outstanding International Military Staff. I congratulate Hans Werner on his election and I wish him every success”, said Lieutenant General Broeks.

Germany is an important Allied member. It makes outstanding contributions to our missions and operations, notably the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, KFOR Mission in Kosovo, as well as participating in our Aegean Sea activity. Germany is leading our enhanced forward presence multinational battlegroup in Lithuania to strengthen our collective defence and deterrence as well as helping to patrol the skies as part of NATO’s Air Policing in the Baltic States. Germans' efforts to find a political solution to the Russia-Ukraine crisis are also very much welcomed in support of the respect of sovereignty, the territorial integrity and the rule of law in Europe. Germany is also engaged in building international stability through the EU, the OSCE and the UN.