Croatian and UK ships join NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian

  • 07 Sep. 2018 -
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  • Last updated: 07 Sep. 2018 11:35

The Croatian Navy and the Royal Navy joined NATO’s maritime operation in the Mediterranean Sea on Friday (7 September 2018). Over the next two weeks, the Croatian Navy vessel HRMV Vukovar, a Helsinki-class missile boat, and the Royal Navy vessel HMS Echo, an Echo-class survey vessel, will join the Italian Navy frigate ITS Espero and other associated vessels and aircraft in patrolling the central Mediterranean.

Sea Guardian is a maritime security operation through which NATO maintains situational awareness in the Mediterranean. The operation helps deter and counter terrorism and identify possible security concerns. Sea Guardian regularly provides logistical and situational awareness support to the European Union’s Mediterranean operation, EUNAVFOR Sophia, as part of the strengthened cooperation between NATO and the EU.

Since the beginning of Operation Sea Guardian in November 2016, around ten Allied navies have provided ships, aircraft and submarines. While working together for the security of the Mediterranean Sea, the Allied navies train together and enhance their interoperability.