NATO Engages: The Brussels Summit Dialogue

  • 11 Jul. 2018 - 12 Jul. 2018
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  • Last updated: 10 Jul. 2018 22:13

As political and military leaders from NATO member and partner nations gather at NATO’s Summit on July 11-12, a conference on the NATO grounds will look at some of the main challenges facing the Alliance. The ‘NATO Engages’ event will bring together current and next generation leaders to take an in-depth look at new and emerging security concerns, ask how NATO can adapt to them, and analyse what this means for NATO’s collective security guarantee for its one billion people.

Speaking on the eve of the event, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “Our Summit comes at a time when some are questioning the strength of the transatlantic bond. And I would not be surprised if we have robust discussions.Including on defence spending. Different views are normal among friends and Allies. But I am confident we will agree on the fundamentals”.

‘NATO Engages’ will assemble experts and leaders from the media, government, NGOs, politics, think tanks and business to discuss international security in the 21stCentury. The event’s themes include defence and security, deterrence and dialogue as well as how NATO can project stability in today’s world.

Recent events have highlighted modern security threats, from cyberattacks to use of chemical substances, from home-grown terrorism to state failure. ‘NATO Engages’ will take an innovative perspective on all these issues using a range of engaging formats including a crisis simulation, a digital forensics demonstration and virtual reality exhibits.

The ‘NATO Engages’ event has been organized by the consortium of the Atlantic Council, German Marshall Fund (GMF), Munich Security Conference (MSC), and Women in International Security (WIIS) in partnership with NATO.

Event proceedings can be followed at: